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Content Marketing Isn’t Just a Catch Phrase, It’s Your Make or Break


Working in the role that I do means I have the luxury of constantly bragging about how content has become a rising player across the digital space in recent years. Even more so than ever before, the field is exploding into a whole new avenue of marketing, one that has never been placed in the spotlight or given the time of day. With traditional tactics now long gone, we’re seeing a whole new audience arise from the ashes, bringing a huge potential for content marketing to kick up a fuss and show the world what it’s really made of.

For writers and content strategists like myself, there’s literally nothing better. With the likes of Google and other search engines across the globe placing a heavy emphasis on the quality of wording and ability to produce fresh, innovative and engaging content, we’re finally entering an age where words really matter.

So what does that all mean?

Obviously, there’s a huge shift in the way digital marketing is working as a whole, but a more notable focus can be found in the way organisations are actually treating content marketing as a whole. These days, we’re seeing business leaders show a newly-formed attitude that values content as a way to trigger business growth and deliver value to their most notable audiences. Instead of content marketing being just another effort in the process, it’s now a model—a full-blown journey to creating a kick-but impression on target customers and audiences.


The beauty of being in control

We all like sitting in the driver’s seat, and that’s exactly what this new concept does; it puts you right there in front of the action and forces you to take control of your own brand’s story. There’s an endless list of ways you can choose to tell the world about how you came to be and what you’re all about as a business, and content marketing allows for just that. Spread the word exactly how you want by using amplification methods, digital PR, strategic editorial calendars and powerful blogging campaigns. The simply beauty of this means you’re literally the driving force behind your very essence—you don’t have to rely on everyone else to say it for you.


Be your own Picasso

As a writer, it’s easy to get carried away with creativity, but when you’re limited to the restrictions of SEO keywords and tactics, like the “olden days”, getting your brand’s message across effectively becomes hard. Now, thanks to content marketing, we can do it in a more creative way and use the real flair of words to light wildfires across the web. Finding a niche and sweet spot means content marketers can then utilise competitive edges to tell the world what they’re missing out on, all in ways that are engaging and able to provide the storytelling that’s needed to convert them into customers.

Writing any kind of content is like painting a picture: the world is at your fingertips, you just have to know how to use it wisely.



By Cassie McBlane

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