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The Year of Video

People love to watch videos and it’s not all cats and babies, although they are responsible for some quality content and plenty of office laughs (over lunch of course…), there’s more to this trend than Charlie biting his brother. It’s an oldie but a goodie. So let’s discuss why people are so gung-ho-crazy for video content, and why businesses everywhere are coming around to the relentless power it yields.

What makes video content so darn powerful?

If a picture is worth 1000 words, imagine the power a video holds. To put things into perspective we’re going to hit you with some stats. HighQ has recently released some statistics that give us an invaluable glimpse into the video habits of internet users. These stats revealed that video content is responsible for 50% of internet traffic, wow, and that 65% of users watch at least three quarters of any video they might click. The statistics released by the site also revealed that 78% of users watch video content once a week whilst 55% watch video content once a day. What does this mean for your company? Give the people videos, the people want videos. It is really that simple.

Ok, we’re going to make a video – where do we start?

Consider what type of video content works best with each social platform. According to Tubular, Facebook wins on first day views whilst YouTube wins for long term engagement. What can we take from this? Due to nature of user engagement across Facebook and YouTube one can assume that longer content is served better on YouTube whilst shorter content thrives better on Facebook. Why is this? YouTube users who use the platform purely for the purpose of accessing video content are more likely to watch a video in entirety, whilst Facebook users who are managing status updates, chat conversations and multiple other tabs are less likely to see a video through to fruition. Knowing this information can help you decide whether to create a video that is quick to engage and concise with its points, or long and informative like those more suited to YouTube. Your decision to use certain social platforms over others should reflect the preferences of your demographic. Your demographic should also influence the subject and style of the video, keep customer engagement in mind and remember that a successfully executed video equals shares which equal a broader reach for your company. Pro tip: If 65% of people are watching a quarter of every video they click on, as reported by Tubular, your most important points should make up the start of any video content you produce to heighten your chances of turning prospects into customers.

Taking this information into consideration will help you make clear strategic choices when utilising video. Remember, this year has been dubbed the year of the video and everyone is jumping on board the band wagon – what will your company do to stand out? We recommend speaking to a digital agency (hint, hint…), they’ll be able to give you plenty of informative advice about heightening the effectiveness of your company’s video content.

By Shounak Gupte

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