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Get the Most out of a Difficult Day

Work is stressful. No one can deny that sometimes a day feels like it will never end, and others go way too fast because you have so much to do you feel like you’ll never get it all done.

Be it the Monday blues, or the struggle to get over the hump of a Wednesday, there are a number of ways to make sure you get the most out of every day in the office.

Organise your to-do list

Prioritise your workload each morning by coding your tasks. For example, red for the super important stuff, green for the things that need to happen sometime in the next few days, and orange for the tasks that need to happen somewhere in the middle. Think of a method to suit you and the way you think. Its sounds so annoying and simple, but it is worth the time.

This process will help you sort out your thoughts, and gives you some kind of readymade schedule to stick to throughout the day. Obviously things will pop up, but at least it’s a start! Plus, having a clear list in front of you often helps you realise that you don’t have as much to do as you first thought; our minds tend to make mountains out of molehills!

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Be proactive

No, this doesn’t mean sit at your desk for the full day and thinking you need to get as much done as you possibly can. What is the point in that if it is only going to stress you out? Surely that is counterproductive.

Ask for help. Often a fresh set of eyes will see something you hadn’t noticed before. That problem that’s been bugging you for the past hour? Not such a big deal anymore.

Don’t dwell if things aren’t going your way or you’re not getting enough done. What’s that going to achieve? Get a cup of coffee and chill for five minutes. No matter how important something is, there is no point in trying to get it done if you are not in the right mindset. Distract yourself and relax, just for those five minutes. Work with someone else and you will likely start to look at the situation with a fresh set of eyes and will be ready to tackle the problem head on.

Remember, it is better to get three things done amazingly, than it is to get 10 things done and having to do them again because it wasn’t done well enough or you did things incorrectly.

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Take breaks

The previous point leads here perfectly. There is a science behind taking a break. It stops you getting bored and losing focus, and it gives you a chance to make work more than just ‘work’. You can share your ideas whilst socialising with friends and colleges, or re-evaluate your thoughts.

Don’t feel guilty about taking breaks – they are there for a reason. The likelihood is a break will actually make you more efficient with your work, so no one can disapprove of you taking them. Just be mindful of how long you take.

At the end of the day, no matter how hard or stressful the work is, you have to do it anyway, so you might as well go at it with a positive attitude and try to have fun whilst doing it.

By Sophie Inkster

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