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How to be Creative in Business (Without Reinventing the Wheel)

Along with integrity, ambition, and a global mindset, creativity is one of the key foundational blocks for building leadership success in business. When colliding ideas are merged together, fresh perspectives are unleashed and new business opportunities begin to materialise.

However, being creative in business does not necessarily mean pulling apart traditional models and attempting to totally restructure them. Different industries have churned out successful businesses time and time again because there is a certain formula they have adhered to and consequently prospered on.

Drawing on my own experience, I’ve prepared a few tips to help you strike a good balance between harnessing your creativity and maintaining your sense of business logic.


Take advantage of areas in the market that can be improved upon.

The reason I began WME was because I noticed that the world of SEO simply wasn’t being done right at the time. To me, it was a glaring business opportunity that I wanted to play with and infuse with my own skills. So, I learnt everything about the industry that I could and channelled my creative energy to see how I could improve – not reinvent – the wheel.

Once I had succeeded with that, I couldn’t help but see more angles in digital marketing to be explored. I got creative and married a range of digital services together, establishing a series of synergy businesses that function in a cohesive manner. I was able to build a dynamic hub of entrepreneurialism made up of different professionals with various skills and mindsets, which brings me to my next point…

Build relationships with people who are different to you.

One of the best ways to keep creativity alive in the business realm is to acknowledge areas where you lack certain skills and seek out those who can complement your strengths. This way, you can offer a comprehensive sweep of high-quality services and build a reputable brand for your business.

Additionally, I believe it is important to engage the minds of those who operate differently to you in order to bounce ideas off one another without getting carried away. All parties have the freedom to express creativity in the areas they know, while still asserting their sense of logic to ensure no imaginations run too wild.


Foster a business culture that revolves around problem-solving.

Finally, getting creative in the business sphere means taking innovative approaches to problem-solving. Let’s employ a simple analogy here: say you are driving along and you suddenly come across a tree that has fallen in the middle of the road. Somehow, you need to get on the other side of it to continue your journey. You need to keep in mind the delicate mechanics of the situation, but you still need to solve the problem. By applying a balanced creative approach, you are sure to find an innovative way to surpass the issue and resume your pathway towards your goals.

By Nick Bell

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