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Is Your Business Keeping Up with the Latest Web Measures?

Let’s face it: the digital sphere is still being moulded. We’ve watched it evolve from the days of clunky dial-up internet to the wonderful world of WiFi, where we now have the privilege of carrying the web around with us 24/7 in our very own pockets.

As a result, the processes that enable data to churn out day-by-day are constantly changing to keep up with the increasing demands. Unfortunately, many businesses are still stuck in the olden days (and by olden days, I mean anything prior to 2012), struggling to keep up with the most modern web solutions presented to us. Without realising it, this could be heavily impacting on their business’s operations and subsequently affecting the company’s overall reputation.

Ironclad web security is paramount in this day and age

One only needs to reflect on the past 12 months to realise how critical web security is to business. 2016 was the year of the infamous Census crash, where millions of Australians ridiculed the Australian Bureau of Statistics for its clumsy attempt to go from paper to digital without implementing the necessary procedures. Then there was Yahoo’s data leak, where the search engine giant was forced to reveal to its widespread usership that hackers had accessed more than half a billion accounts in 2014.


In light of these events, it is clearly important to protect your business against malware, malicious attacks and data crashes by employing the most up-to-date web filtering systems. One such system that is charging ahead of the rest at the moment is WebDefender, designed to identify potential risks and safeguard you against the most advanced and complex threats.

Almost all businesses rely on WiFi these days…

From global tech-savvy giants like Apple to your humble local florist, businesses of all sizes and all varieties use the internet to some extent. Needless to say, equipping your business with a seamless WiFi network is essential.

…so what’s the best solution?

The latest-and-greatest WiFi trend to grace the digital world is cloud computing. Essentially, cloud computing has ironed out some of the kinks found in old WiFi technology, offering a much more appealing wireless system with highly scalable capabilities that would otherwise be difficult or costly to deliver locally. At the core of cloud computing lies the idea that all businesses can access an enterprise-class wireless solution (that won’t overwhelm the IT staff).


Furthermore, with the surge of mobile devices introduced to the business realm, there is a need to make much smarter and more strategic decisions when it comes to how a wireless network is used and how it can become a revenue opportunity to optimise employee productivity. Once again, cloud-based wireless solutions are key for attaining these kinds of goals. As such, more and more businesses are being encouraged to opt for cloud-managed wireless solutions, with Ruckus taking the lead in the cloud computing WiFi network of choice right now.

Plenty of local companies now offer to integrate these services for you

If this all sounds a bit tech-heavy, fear not. Just as any new industry crystallises into existence, the need for many new services arises. For information technology, there are plenty of teams of hardware and software experts out there willing to advise and implement the best computing solutions for your business. The result? You can easily ensure optimal operations, which of course leads to increased customer satisfaction and glowing brand recognition.

By Trish O'Loughlin

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