Meet Brett…

Born in Melbourne, Brett enjoys touring the Victorian country side on his Royal Enfield motorcycle & devotes the rest of his spare-time between the motocross track & the tennis court.

His daughter, Alide, now 12 years old has also picked up a racquet but wife Vera prefers the gym, baking & keeping the latest addition to the family, Trinity the boxer off the couch.

A Senior Manager with WME, Brett heads up the sales team ensuring high standards of service & advice. Brett is also responsible for the formation of the WME partner program which provides other organisations the opportunity to render WME services to their clients.

Professional Experience

Without getting too close to disclosing his age it’s worth mentioning that you’d be hard-pressed to find a more experienced web marketing specialist. It was in 1998 that Brett began in the field as sales manager for Since then he has served with domain registrars such as Melbourne IT, Net Registry and Planet Domain as well as ecommerce vendor Wish List and now over 6 years with WME.

This wealth of experience provides Brett with the ability to view the big picture of a company’s marketing mix, all the elements tying together, what works, what doesn’t and the practical impact for the client. Having consulted with hundreds of businesses this invaluable knowledge and empathy is what sets Brett apart in an industry peppered with false prophets.

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