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5 Tips For Effective SEO Copy

Peppering your content with strategically placed keywords is not the be all and end all of SEO writing. Copy must effortlessly engage readers in order to organically build authority. Here are some tips from the copywriting team at WME about how to pen commanding digital content:

1.  Publish irresistible headlines

Your headline must be so compelling that it coaxes a browser in to becoming a reader. If you’re stuck – try a proven headline formula. The human brain is psychologically attracted to lists. A list makes a promise to the reader about what they will find within. Try incorporating a number in to your headline. Studies show that articles with an odd number in the title attract more traffic. If you’re reading this right now, you may have been pulled in for that very reason.

2.  Elaborate

It has been argued whether longer pieces of content perform better in search.  Rather than squabbling over word count minimums, we suggest you place more emphasis on circulating quality, relevant content. By all means, avoid posting extremely brief pieces – but focus on posting information that is rich in context driven keywords. Flaunt your expertise and offer your readers value. Put simply, if you write authoritative content you will become an authoritative source.

3. Keywords: less is more

SEO is always changing face. Google constantly update their algorithm to penalise sites that contain content that is brimming with unnaturally placed keywords. This outdated method of optimisation is highly advised against. If you’re writing content with the intention of gaining rank authority, make sure your piece isn’t too keyword dense. Use the ‘find’ feature on Microsoft Word to highlight words and phrases that may have been overused. Include synonyms and words that add context to your subject matter. Don’t repeat the same thing over and over again.

4. Shorten your paragraphs

Huge chunks of text are unappealing to readers. While well explored content does increase organic rankings, large blocks of uninterrupted text is a sure fire way to lose your reader. Keep your paragraphs short and adequately spaced.

5. Stay fresh

Stay on top of your content.  Search engines favour pages with fresh material.  After all, that is what browsers want – relevant, recent, credible content. Integrating a blog in to your site is a solid way of managing fresh content that doesn’t need to be page specific. Effective content must be unique – you risk having your site penalised if you copy or duplicate content from elsewhere on the internet.

Need some content written for your business site or blog? Contact the Copywriting Team at WME today. We’ve got all the right words.

By Cassie McBlane

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