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Meeting Word Limits, Breaking Hearts

You can picture the day you first met – what a personality, so straightforward, engaging, witty, and even humorous. You two had so much in common; the best of you, heightened. Everything was going so well. What happened?

We know it’s hard to say goodbye, but you’re going to be just fine. How do we know? How could we possibly understand? We remember that day too, we also remember the days that presided it. Working tirelessly to create something that fit the brief, something that conveyed your company’s message and also stood out and made an impression. From start to fruition, we put our all into that content, we always do. As the minds and keyboards behind a constant turnout of content for a diverse client base, we can assure you that when we say we get it – we mean it. We know when old content loses that spark it can be hard to accept, but we can assure you that when it comes to content, “here for a fun time, not a long time” is exactly what you want to hear.

So now that you have had a chance to grieve, what should you be looking for from new content?

Keep it fresh, informative, topical and relevant. Out of date content can be detrimental to your website’s rankings, and well, makes your company’s site look like amateur hour. You want your page to have content you can be proud of, content that you can really show off. Once you’ve transformed your copy from Britney circa 2007 to Beyonce’ circa always, there are numerous tools you can utilise to optimise your rankings and streamline traffic through to your site – if you’ve got it, flaunt it.


So your content is good and the search engines love it.

Awesome, but how do you get that ‘it’ factor that everyone so desperately craves? Good is good, but great is better. Allow us to break it down for you…

You have to know your demographic – being in sync with the needs and desires of your audience influences the direction of your brand voice heavily. Your brand voice is an invaluable means for engaging with your readers. As time goes on, readers familiarise themselves with your brand’s tone of voice and develop a relationship with the mysterious persona they envision that voice belonging to. Developing this isn’t as easy as it seems. This sense of personality is made up of several different elements, including pronouns, jargon, tempo and buzzwords, among others.

WME’s content team can help you understand these elements and how best to use them to increase your voice’s effectiveness. Once you have nailed it, it’s time to start thinking about your story. Don’t have one? Sure you do. Not particularly interesting? Allow us to change that. People love a good story, indulge them.

By combining these elements (and a few more we would be more than happy to tell you about face-to-face or device-to-device), we can help you to produce content that is a straight ten, generate traffic, wow readers and smash company objectives. Interested in finding out more about why we stand by Sally No-Name, from high school’s break-up advice to “Remember your next is always better than your ex”? Let’s chat.



By Nicole Wilson

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