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Why You Should Be Deadly Serious About Getting into Influencer Marketing

In a world run by he-said-she-said, what you choose to say has a domino effect, but that’s not a bad thing. With businesses finding it more and more difficult to tap into niche marketing tactics and digital approaches that spin the spotlight onto them, being able to rely on good old word-of-mouth is a comforting thought.


And so, as more and more avenues for advertising emerge from the rubble of traditional marketing, sparked on the formation of new-age digital techniques, we’re all sitting here wondering what we’ll be desperately tapping into next.




If you haven’t heard already, that exact concept is influencer marketing—a powerful content marketing strategy that is dominating the viral atmosphere online. So long as marketers keep honest and strategic about the approach towards this field, this nifty tactic is here to stay.

So here’s the low-down.

Welcome to the “content shock”

Coined by marketing expert Mark Shaefer, the business world is currently in the midst of a “content shock”—a period that has grabbed the marketing and corporate world in a vice that means there’s now an overwhelming amount of content being thrown around each and every second of the day.

With this increasing day in day out, the abundance of noise is drowning out businesses who aren’t savvy in being heard or rising about the crowd. Luckily, there are ways to break out of this rut, most simply by taking advantage of honest relationship building through strategic content promotion.


Don’t freak out just yet—here’s what it’s about in a nutshell

Influencer outreach in the content marketing space means communicating with industry leaders that have a substantial online following behind them. By keeping focused on trends and viral topics that they’re engaging with, you too can develop a transparent, healthy relationship that is found upon what they’re actually interested in.

This means doing a bit of research and consistently throwing them some engagement on their social networks, sharing their content and passing on feedback that gets them talking back (constructively). In the end, you’ll garner their attention and be able to entice them into a strategic collaboration for content.

Collaboration, you say?

I’m not saying this is an Avenger type situation where you collect a bunch of influencers and take over the world. It means subtly approaching them after building up a relationship with them, to then develop content that they are most likely to share and pass onto their own followers. As a result, your brand and website will reap the benefits of maximised traffic and new audiences that are now solely active in listening to what you have to say. But it’s not a one-way street; the influencer will also be able to increase their own reach and brand awareness, giving them a return in SEO rankings support and, like always, more clicks to their own website—win-win!


Getting started

Look, it’s not a simple approach that you can take on in a day and get done by the next. This tactic involves consistency, patience and dedication towards building relationships with like-minded individuals that are probably even more busy than you in their average day. This can be tricky when they’re always on-the-go and bombarded with similar messages across their channels, but it all goes back to breaking out from the “content shock” and being heard. Stand out. Be transparent and more importantly, be genuine. No one likes a robot, except a robot.

To get your strategy started, however, is a little easier, so long as you plan in advance. Here’s a few handy tips to get the ball rolling:

  • Know your purpose—why are you targeting influencers? What is your end-result? This will help you narrow down what you expect to gain out of the overall strategy.
  • Find your niche: why would said influencer be interested in what you have to say? Know exactly what points of difference you have and how to use them against competitors.
  • Know how to find influencers: use tools that will help you pinpoint exactly who has the kind of following you can make use of—use platforms like BuzzSumo and Twitter to see who’s got an active, evergreen presence.
  • Map out content: If you do manage to snag the interest of an influencer, you must have some damn good content ideas up your sleeve, ready to pull them out when they give the green light. Brainstorm and collect data on what people in your niche are engaging with online, and then create a content map you can pull out when you need it most.

Above all, be a human. Your fingers can tap away at the keyboard all they want, churning out hashtags and clicking the ‘Share’ button into non-existence—but you will get nowhere if you don’t go back to humanising your presence.

Be a human, not just a social username. Your words matter.

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By Cassie McBlane

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