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Top Tips for Creating the Best Converting CTA Buttons

We all want buttons that will create the best conversions – it’s often the top goal for any site. No matter if you are a brochure site or a big e-commerce site, it’s important to compel the user to actually click on the action button. You also want to capture a user’s attention in the right way: in a way that is not misleading but is, in fact, exciting for the user the moment before they click.


  1. Use colour to your advantage

We have all seen sites where the call to action is hidden amongst the content or is difficult to locate. Ensure that the shape, colour and font are in line with the rest of the page, as well as being design best practice. Small design tweaks can have a huge effect on your conversions. Orange is a great colour for conversions so use this where you can. A/B testing will really show the full potential of colour changes and which CTA button works best based on position, font and text.

  1. Be mindful of the text on the CTA

The text on a CTA button can be detrimental to the conversions and their potential. Ensure it has an ‘action’ that advises the customer what it is they will receive or download, or what action they will perform. Whether it is ‘register’, ‘download’ or ‘enquire’, ensure they are informed about how they are actioning the button. Be careful to ensure that it is not too text heavy as simplicity works best in this context.

  1. Position the button to stand out

No matter what the CTA is, be mindful of how it stands out on the page. Remember that most people don’t like the scroll to find the action buttons, so utilise the buttons above the fold as much as you can. You want the CTA to be the focus of the page with supporting text.


  1. Keep the CTAs to a minimum

It’s very easy to get excited and show the customer all the things they can do on the page, whether it’s sign up, register, call, enquire or buy. If you over populate the page with too many CTAs, the customer will not know where to go and what to do. It’s like sitting at a junction but there’s no clear sign of which route to take. Make the journey to convert as simple as possible based on your goals. Simplicity is key here.

  1. Support your CTAs with compelling text

It is one thing having a strong button, but ensure that there is text and incentives on the page for the customer to actually click on the button. Show off what is great about your brand/business next to the buttons. Use images and text that are shown simply with the strong call to action really popping out – that way customers will have no other choice but to engage with you!

  1. Create urgency

Again, this can come down to the text or copy that your CTA button is nestled within. Ensure the customer knows what a great deal they are getting and show them why they should really click. Showing how many people have clicked already or utilising testimonials close to the buttons will help to increase conversions


By Charlotte MacInnes

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