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3 Tips for a Successful Hiring Process

Hiring new talent can be an exciting time as you’re introduced to new ideas and innovations that can help your company grow.

It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that joining a company can be daunting and you need to take steps to make the whole onboarding process enjoyable.

You want your employees to feel at home while they’re at work – if they feel happier, they are much more likely to produce better work. Here are some strategies we put in place to ensure happy new employees. It’s vital that your newcomer is welcomed into the company and seamlessly guided through their first weeks.


They will have questions – let them know who to ask for answers

Sometimes, a new hire may feel lost and unaware who to turn to for help. Although they are highly skilled, they have just been introduced to a new set of company procedures that may confuse them. After all, your start-up may do things very differently from the large company they just left.

Appoint a mentor to your newest employee to help see them through the difficult times. This doesn’t necessarily have to be someone in the same department; as long as they’re in a slightly more senior position, they’re perfect for the role.

What’s more, an effective mentorship program increases employee satisfaction and increase their retention in the long term. The perfect partner will help the new employee develop their competencies and become better at their job. Not only this, but the program requires very few costs to run – you only need to pay for staff wages to see the benefits rolling in.


Give them a smooth start with the right date

When it comes to setting start date, choose wisely. The temptation may be to begin your new hire on the first day of the week, but Monday is often when your staff are caught up in meetings, or when they’re scheduling their work for the rest of the week.

Scheduling their start date for a Tuesday or Wednesday means their first impression of their new workplace is not chaotic, and that someone actually has time to sit down and guide them through the initiation. If they start on a quieter day, they’ll be able to feel more welcomed and more on top of things.


Establish a proper training schedule

Your newcomer will have a lot to learn, whether about the company itself or the task at hand.

Before they even begin, create a schedule that details what they’ll need to learn and when, so that they won’t be thrown in the deep end.

Whether you need a few hours to explain your processes properly, or your training will take place over a number of weeks, having a clear idea of what they need to know is the best way to avoid mistakes in the future. This way, you’ll also avoid being flustered on the first day as you scramble to think of everything off the top of your head.

Don’t just tell your new hire the most important steps. Show them what they have to do by allowing them to shadow a seasoned employee in your company. Then, let them take the lead and complete some tasks for themselves. It’s only by doing that your new employee will be able to properly learn.

When you learn that a new employee is taking on a role in your company, a few simple steps can make it easier for them to transition. Take note of your current onboarding process and identify where you can improve the experience.

By Nick Bell

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