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Meanwhile, in the Digital World

We know, we know, we’re always harping on about the ever-changing digital landscape, and how it is constantly evolving to spearhead innovation and cater to user needs. Today, instead of our semi-regular weekly recap, we’re going to look at what news has developed within the tech and digital arenas today. Yep, just today. Some of you might be scratching your head thinking “How much could possibly happen within the 24 hours we have in any given day?” The answer to that question in our industry is: a lot.

Facebook’s battery gaff & portable charger’s sales spike

Facebook has finally come clean about what we already knew deep down. The Facebook app has well and truly been draining all our damn battery power. The long overdue admission leaves some users wondering how this breach of trust will ever be amended, those of us who have already invested in portable chargers are less bothered. Clearly well versed in the art of delivering bad news, Facebook’s admission was followed shortly by the release of an update set to rectify the issue and ease the minds of users. Oh Facebook, with all your hilarious Vines and questionable memes, how could we possibly stay angry?


Mark Zuckerberg’s latest initiative ensues post-tiff guilt

Some of you may be feeling a little bad for prematurely losing your cool over Facebook’s battery gaff. Well, alas, this next piece of digital news is only going to rub salt in that wound. You see, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are funding a school in their most recent charitable act focussed on education. Yep, that’ll do it.

The project will be targeted at some of America’s most disadvantaged areas, including East Palo Alto and Menlo Park. The initiative will offer an integrated health and education system; in addition to providing education from preschool to form eight, it will also provide health services and support for parents to be. Formerly a paediatrician and science teacher, Chan will serve as the school’s CEO. The project has been aptly named, The Primary School. Critics of the couple’s last education focussed philanthropic labours hope this move will bare more tangible results.


Mum, I finally got that pony (unicorn)

On the bright side, you can now express the many emotions swirling around inside you with the 150 new emojis that have come with the latest iOS update. Amongst the new additions came a cheese wedge, a taco, popcorn and even a unicorn. Well it’s about time, I can’t count on two hands the amount of times I’ve whole heartedly wished I had a unicorn emoji to help me express myself accurately. Side note: a survey released by Match.com revealed those who use emojis are more successful at finding love then those that don’t. Go figure.


Finally, we leave you with this footage. Admittedly it’s from Wednesday, but well and truly worth the watch, Michael J. Fox gives his fiction counterpart Marty McFly a run for his money. *Cue shoe envy*

By Nicole Wilson

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