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There’s No WME Without ‘Me’: Introducing Content Manager Donal

As manager of our lovable content department, we’d like to introduce you to Mr Donal Stott – aka Don. Having jumped on board the WME bandwagon at the beginning of this year, Don has well and truly taken the reins in heading our team of writers, having implemented a whole bunch of exciting new ideas to help our clients win.

Find out what Don gets up to when he’s not busy touting the power of content marketing.

 Donal Stott

Role: Content Manager

 donal 1

A little about myself…

I’ve taken a bit of a winding path to get to WME.

From starting out as a chemical engineering student at Melbourne University, I quickly found I had more of a passion for writing then high-level maths and physics, so I spent most of my free subjects studying creative writing.

Two years into my chemical engineering degree I decided to take a year off and join the Australian Army. In the Army, I was an “Operator Movements” – basically I helped manage the logistics of Operations and Exercises around Australia and overseas. After my full-time year in the Army, I continued to serve as I studied, and punctured my degree with deployments across the country and overseas, to places like Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, the Northern Territory and Northern Queensland.

After finally realising that a life as a chemical engineer wasn’t for me, I started a degree in Journalism at Monash University and from there found a passion for content marketing and all the great things it can do.

When was the first time you heard about the internet?

I had a troubling introduction to computers as a child after managing to break the family computer trying to play Age of Empires 1. My first real introduction to the internet was computer class when I started high school, and that was as dull as can be – that being said, I never managed to break a school computer.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The great thing about WME is working with a team of people who really try and help our clients’ businesses grow. We know how important our work is to the success of our clients, and it really shows in the effort my team (and the other departments) put in. Recently I’ve been enjoying the challenge of expanding our content marketing services and giving clients another tool to grow.

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I’ve always been very engaged with sport, whether AFL or NFL. For the last few years I’ve been playing gridiron for the Melbourne University Royals, an experience that was crowned when we won the Division II Vic Bowl in 2012. I’m currently taking a break from gridiron and playing basketball with the WME team for a bit of fun.

When I find time I also like to travel and write – anything from short stories to scripts.

Interesting fact:

I was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan in the second half of 2012, but when the Government cut the budget, my tour was cancelled – apparently, they couldn’t afford me ?

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