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There’s no WME Without ‘Me’: Introducing Content Writer Thomas

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Last week, our cultural segment put the microscope on our Group Account Director, Nick. This week, we’re shifting over to the content team to chat with the talented Tom. As one of the newer additions to the team, Tom’s eloquent way with words and tech-savvy mind render him a valued copywriter at WME.

Find out how he puts the ‘me’ in ‘WME’ below.

tom enjoying the speedway

Role: Content Writer

A little about myself: I’m a quick wit and a loudmouth – my friends know me as the guy who always gets the last word in. I try to keep the banter to a professional minimum around the office though. Unapologetically nerdy in my interests, I love competitive gaming, heavy metal and a well-written movie. I’ve got a huge passion for almost all sports, but the Collingwood Football Club have a special place in my heart (After winning last year’s Best Footy Costume, that might be the only thing anyone knows about me!).

When was the first time you heard about “the internet”: I would have been about six years old, and my school mate had a bunch of cool video games to show me. He had gotten a CD which had a huge pile of games on it, and it turned out the CD just linked you to a website where you could download them all. I didn’t really understand the internet right away, but I started using it for games and videos then and never stopped.

What is the most rewarding part of your job: I love being able to communicate and work closely with the clients I write for. Not only does it give you a better idea of who your work will help, but it’s easier to produce better writing when you can incorporate the specific selling points of the business or get a sense for the voice of the client. When you write something that you know the client is going to read and feel that it’s what they might write, that’s a rewarding feeling.

Hobbies: A major hobby of mine is broadcasting and presenting. I’ve been front and centre on podcasts, public and internet radio; MCed live events; presented at conventions; and commentated on professional gaming streams. Other favourite past-times include Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, DOTA2 and following local pro-wrestling.

tom in his element

Interesting fact: I once MCed an event in front of thousands of people for over 40 minutes with a big rip in my pants. Either I pivoted around so well that nobody noticed, or maybe it was just a very kind audience.

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