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Your Impromptu Tech and Digital News Round-Up

A Very Penguin Christmas

Rumour has it that Google is gearing up to release their latest algorithm update just in time for Christmas. Although no concrete date has been released as it stands, Google’s Gary Illyes has made comments that indicate to us that it will be happening very soon. Illyes has alluded the update will drop in the ‘foreseeable future’ ideally before the end of the year. Illyes’s made similar comments in June of this year, suggesting a real-time version of the Penguin algorithm was in the works but was months away from completion.

We could speculate for days about when this update might hit. However, what’s more important is how it’ll affect current processes. One thing is for sure, it will make removing a penalty much easier. Unfortunately, it will make receiving one much easier too. To what extent will this update affect us all? Only time will tell.

happy-feet-2006(Image source)

All I want for Christmas is you me

Between work life, home life, Christmas shopping and everything else the festive season entails, do you sometimes find yourself wishing there was two of you? I know I do. Well, there could be a solution to this in the not so distant future thanks to the world’s largest cloning factory, located in Tianjin, China. The owner of the factory claims they possess the technology to clone humans, adding he doesn’t believe we are ready and fears the public’s reaction.

The factory is due to open in the next seven months. Backed by Boyalife Group and Korean company Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, the facility aims to clone 1 million cows by 2020, with their eyes set on race horses and police dogs next.

“Everything in the supermarket looks good – it’s almost shiny, good-looking and uniformly shaped. For animals, we weren’t able to do that in the past. But with our cloning factory, we choose to do so now.” – Boyalife CEO Xu Xiaochun told AFP.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll take on Myer by myself this year.

clones(Image source)

99 reasons to celebrate

Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan recently celebrated the arrival of baby Max. Mark took to Facebook to make the official announcement, writing Max and the public an open letter outlining the unique way they planned to celebrate. The couple shared their desire to help cultivate a better world, and how they intend to help make it happen.

The initiative encompasses two major ideas: a) advancing human potential and b) promoting equality—two passions the couple has been open and vocal about for some time. The couple aptly naming the initiative, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. The initiative will see the couple donate 99 percent of their Facebook shares ($45 billion when last we checked) over the course of their lifetime to drive this vision. Mark intends to hold onto his majority position with Facebook for the foreseeable future, planning to give no more than $1 billion annually over each of the next three years. The couple acknowledged that their contribution is small in comparison to other philanthropic efforts spearheaded world-wide. However, they wanted to do something to assist with those efforts.

max(Image source)

Will you Grinch out this Christmas?

Some of my fondest memories of Christmas include driving around in the family car with the windows down, the summer breeze drifting in from outside. A detailed list outlining the best decorated houses in-hand, my family would drive house-to-house with anticipation.  Fast forward to the present day and disturbing news has currently come to light, shaking this beloved memory to the core. Confirming public speculation, a new Ofcom report has revealed that the blinking produced by Christmas lights creates an electrical field that can interrupt and slow Wi-Fi signals. So, with our worst fears realised one question remains, will you Grinch out this Christmas?

the-grinch-netflix(Image source)

And finally, the Christmas jumper we all need this Christmas.

By Nicole Wilson

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