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Advertising 101: Don’t Be Boring

Big, small, minuscule (insulting?)… whatever sized business or operation you may be, there’s no doubt that you a) spend a lot of time thinking about how to communicate to your key demographic more effectively through advertising or b) absolutely should be.

Effective advertising can leverage your revenue!

The biggest brands in the world spend unfathomable amounts of cash every single year on trying to say what needs to be said, without actually saying it. This is exactly why you see ads (often on TV) which are – in any other context – odd, silly, bold and provocative.

This is exactly how you should start to think about advertising your business/brand.

The Reality: Everybody is Petrified

Most companies are so afraid of looking unprofessional that they sacrifice any semblance of personality and pizazz in the process. Attempting to appeal to everybody, appeals to nobody. Being boring will always likely hurt your business, more than it will ever help.


When was the last time you remembered an ad (TV, radio, online etc.)? I bet it wasn’t an ad from which you learned the ever-valuable and original information of how ‘fast and reliable’ a certain company was. I bet it was more likely an ad sporting a question, a noise, a striking image, a joke… something HUMAN.

We are humans. Well, except for the Google bots reading this page, to which I say: WME – AdWords.

But you and I are in fact humans, as is everybody who you are trying to reach with your message.

The Fix: Overcome the Urge to Be Boring

We all have the urge to be boring. Which is essentially the urge to ‘play it safe’ and to avoid the risk of failure or rejection. Easier to duplicate communication which has already been ‘tested’ and ‘through the wringer’ of analysis and potential scorn, than to attempt to be different and risk a negative response.

Nowhere is this truer, than in the repetitive, repetitive realm of advertising.


Being boring in life is docile. It’s cumbersome, but unlikely to get you into too much trouble. Being boring in business is dangerous! You’re likely to fall through the cracks and end up by the wayside just as quickly as you thought-up your lackluster brand name.

Stop worrying about your prideful reaction to that last sentence and start thinking about how you want to be perceived, based on what drives you to wake up every morning. Then start to think about how this feeling can be infused throughout your brand’s narrative.

Narrative is a valid word on which to base your brainstorming. Consider, if you will, the last time you told your nearest and dearest friend or partner your most exciting story…


Did you sidle up to them, prim and proper, then quietly inform them of your story? Most businesses do. Most businesses murmur “Good Afternoon. Please buy our products because they are of an affordable monetary value and of a rather high quality” – does this excite you?

Did you let them know the core facts of the event whilst highlighting your percentage of excitement and discounted happiness? OR, did you JUMP in front of them, smiling freakishly, bursting with emotion, and barely holding back as humorous babble ensued?

Treat your business like your most exciting story. This is a good yardstick by which to measure your level of ‘boringness’; the next time you want to communicate to your readers, fans, followers or potential new customers, think of why they should be excited by you.

The Outcome: Engagement, Profit and Growth


You don’t need to sell the most original products in the world. You don’t need to provide a service which has never been offered, to date. You just need to communicate in a way that is unique, bold, daring, funny… or just… different. Say it differently.

Failing to do so, and continuing to project a mediocre message, will only likely to leave you doomed to the fate of (=) mediocre results. We’re now in an age whereby personable and honest no longer translates as disorganised and incompetent. Your brand is waiting.

We specialise in non-boring advertising and creating spectacular results, so if you’re scratching your head and would like some friendly expertise, we’re here: 1300 663 995

Written by Nick Sullivan, Performance Media Specialist at WME.

By Nick Sullivan

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