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How Food Industries Can Cut a Slice of Digital Marketing This Christmas

‘Tis the season of Christmas parties, which means hospitality businesses are going into overdrive. Hordes of foodie experts will contend against one another to dish up festive goods, making it imperative for businesses to find tactics to stand out amongst the cavalcade of competitors spruiking tantalising treats.

If approached in the right way, this is the perfect opportunity for caterers and restaurateurs to effectively catapult their brand into the public sphere and build a juicy customer base. Naturally though, this takes a bit of marketing know-how.

Gone are the days of walk-in traffic

In a world saturated with smart devices, customers increasingly source information and make decisions online. While word-of-mouth is still vital to the food industry, it now largely appears in the form of a screen. In fact, stats show that online marketing drives 926 million restaurant visits a year, with a whopping 83% of consumers researching establishments on their smartphones before deciding where to spend their money.

So, with a dash of compelling content, a pinch of drool-worthy visuals, and generous lashings of online charisma, those in the food industry can successfully make the most of the festive season by giving their digital presence a bit of love…


Tips for elevating your hospitality business in the digital realm during the festive season:

Showcase your products on social media. Social media is a foodie’s best friend. More than 80% of food merchants have reportedly increased their revenue to an exponential degree thanks to the beauty of social media, thereby making it one of the most powerful (and deliciously free) marketing tools at your disposal. Visually-rich social media sites such as Instagram are particularly popular in the food industry – after all, as the saying goes, we eat with our eyes!

What you should do:

  • Use relevant hashtags, such as #christmasbaking.
  • Encourage customers to post festive photos with your products tagging your business name, then repost on your platforms.
  • Flat-lay your festive-themed products and snap away – those virtual likes will come rolling in.
  • Get active on Pinterest (food-related posts absolutely skyrocket here at this time of year).

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Lure your customers with the ease of online ordering. People love doing things while on the go these days. Whether we’re making the daily commute or waiting in a queue, our natural instinct is to whip out our smartphones and get tapping, scrolling and pinching away. In order for hospitality businesses to really capitalise on their sales funnel at Christmas time, it’s a good idea to enable services like mobile-friendly online catering throughout the festive period.

What you should do:

  • Set up simple-to-use submit forms on your website
  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Create customisable digital Christmas menu packages
  • Enable customers to request a quote for Christmas party catering online

Cater to your target market with local search optimisation. Geographical convenience plays a major factor in customers deciding how to choose a restaurant or catering service at Christmas time. Obviously, they’re going to want something relatively close to the office or celebration venue, so it’s important you keep your local SEO in check.

What you should do:


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Plate up dynamic written content that Google will love. Content marketing is powering ahead right now, enabling businesses and individuals to establish their authority by sharing their expertise. By providing information about your niche that can actively help your audience, Google will view you as a valuable source for users and will therefore rank you higher for keywords.

What you should do:

  • Get blogging – share helpful tips and tricks of the trade, Christmas recipes, kitchen hacks, etc.
  • Incorporate keywords such as “Christmas parties” into your content to boost search engine results

By taking a savvy approach to your marketing strategy this festive period, you can satiate your audience’s appetites and efficaciously feed your business’s success.

By Trish O'Loughlin

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