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Looking Towards 2016 – 7 Digital Marketing Trends that are Already Set to Take Over

Okay, so it’s not even October, but realistically, it’s time for all businesses in the digital space to get a grip on what’s already hitting the road for next year. With the online sphere expanding and evolving at a rate that’s almost incomprehensible, keeping afloat amongst the abundance of hardware, tactical and strategical updates means knowing exactly what’s in store. After all, that is what’s going to give you the leg up on competitors.

So whilst other leaders in your industry may be gearing up to approach the summer business season, or looking at how they can maximise their efforts over Christmas, the huge advantage resides in looking a little beyond that. What exactly should you be preparing for in 2016?

It’s time to get visual

Video ads have long dominated the advertising space online and it is with no surprise at all that YouTube’s advertising avenues are a huge success. Hosting billions of vids and sharing them across the likes of Facebook, Twitter and search engines means the mass amount of brand messages are constantly breeding. This is set to be no different in 2016, especially with Google jumping onboard the bandwagon to integrate video advertising in search results pages. This is a clear-cut sign video-based messages from brands are being widely acknowledged by audiences of all ages, genders, interests and industries across the globe. Expect to see more videos in more places—embrace it.


The mobile takeover

It’s been a drawn-out competition of who dominates which areas of the online world for a while now, but mobile search is finally looking to hit the finish line first. This year, we saw mobile search traffic overtake desktop traffic in over 10 countries, not to mention the release of Google’s algorithm, aptly referred to as “Mobilegeddon”. So, it’s time to get smart in regards to where you’re investing your dosh—mobile’s here to stay and it’s worth acknowledging it.

Hello to digital assistants

We’re all well aware of SEO and PPC optimisation, but 2016 may very well see the introduction of digital assistant-based opportunities. In-built assistants, like Siri, utilise search engines to find answers to the questions they’re receiving. By ensuring your website has easily accessible, sought after information available, you’re able to implement this new form of optimisation that is driven by digital assistant tools across a number of devices. Quirky? Yeah, a little, but I bet you hadn’t thought of that tactic yet.

Reality goes virtual

Next year is an exciting year for the virtual realm, especially with the huge hype and expectations surrounding the release of the Oculus Rift—a VR device that is set to pave new ground in a number of fields; think social media, digital advertising and direct messaging. Some experts are being quick to predict that these VR releases will be a fad, rather than a lasting phenomenon, but it’s worth recognising the doors that could very well be opened for all businesses.


Let’s get physical

2015 saw the Apple Watch enter the market (somewhat disappointingly) and it’s expected that many more players in the game will emerge next year. These devices are beginning to blur the lines between digital and physical marketing, but they’re creating a wealth of new advertising avenues for businesses that are really looking to advance their opportunities.



By Cassie McBlane

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