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Steps to Spring Clean Your Marketing Strategy

By the time spring comes around, we’re more than halfway through the year. Many of us would prefer to hibernate through winter which, in marketing, means we haven’t checked up on our strategies in a while. If the last time you checked on your marketing campaigns and goals was at the beginning of the year, spring is a perfect opportunity to reassess. Here’s how to spring clean your marketing strategies and set yourself up for growth in the next quarter.

Step 1: Check your progress

A smart marketing strategy sets achievable goals in the beginning and is able to track progress with analytics tools. From reducing your bounce rate to increasing your social media followers, there are plenty of worthwhile goals to set. Setting measurable goals is a top priority, but you should be careful of being fooled by vanity metrics.

The first step to spring cleaning your marketing is to make a list of your current goals and see how they’re tracking. Are you on track to achieve any or most of them? Is there room to expand on your current goals? And, most importantly, is it time to update any, or all of them?

Example: Step 1

For example, you could set up a table listing your goals, actions taken to achieve them, and whether they have been achieved. It may look something like this:


Step 2: Change is good

Now that you have a list of goals, get ready for a big clean-up. It’s okay to throw away any goals that no longer fit with your future business plans. For example, you may have started the year focusing on just one product or service in your marketing, but you’ve since expanded your offerings and want your strategy to include them all. There’s nothing wrong with throwing away your original goals in favour of new, more exciting ones. In fact, it’s all part of an evolving digital marketing strategy.

You may also have set a small goal to begin with, such as reaching page 1 for a few low competition keywords. Having achieved that goal, you can set your sights on some bigger ideas like adding new keywords or going for higher competition ones.

The bottom line is this – change is good. Spring cleaning is all about refreshing and renewing, which means you’ll have to part with a few old ideas to make room for new ones.

Example: Step 2

Taking the list or table you’ve created before; you can now decide whether to continue with your current marketing plan or make changes. Add a section or column for the next steps. It could look like this:


Step 3: Reallocate your budget

Another benefit to assessing your goals is streamlining your marketing expenses. If you’ve been using the same digital marketing technique for a while and it’s not getting the results you expect, you can always reallocate your budget. By cutting out the low performing strategies, you’ll have more budget to push toward a campaign that is succeeding.

Example: Step 3

Following on with the same table, add another column for budget. List here whether your budget will stay the same, increase, or decrease and where you’ll allocate extra funds.

You may notice in our example there’s one channel where we’ve decreased spend but are yet to allocate the leftover budget. This brings us on to Step 4.


Step 4: Consider new channels

There are 4 main digital marketing channels that can be used by any small-medium business. These are SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Content Marketing. Each strategy by itself can help you achieve your marketing goals, but when used together they can build a complete digital marketing strategy that offers your customers a consistent brand presence across multiple platforms – a strategy that takes them through every stage of their customer journey and leads them successfully to a sale.

You may already be using multiple channels to push your marketing goals to the finish line. If you’re using only one channel, or you’re ready to try something new, consider adding a different channel to your repertoire.

Example: Step 4

For the final step you can make a new table organised by channel. By looking at the goals you’re wanting to achieve and the budget you have left, you can see if there’s an opportunity to add a new channel to the mix. It could look something like this:

Spring clean with the experts at WME

When you’re busy running a business, it’s easy to lose track of time. The change of seasons is a great reminder to check in on your marketing campaigns. Whether it’s spring or summer, it’s always a good idea to review your marketing goals and then make new ones. At WME we’re here to help you review your current campaigns and look for ways to improve them. Speak with our consultants on 1300 663 995 about spring cleaning your marketing today.

By Julia Hammond

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