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Utilising Thank You Pages for Conversion

So, you may be asking, why do thank you pages matter? Surely emphasis is placed on achieving the sales or lead, not worrying about the message afterwards? Wrong.

Thank you pages are a huge driver of conversions post-sale, and are an integral piece of the puzzle when understanding repeat customers too.

While it’s not the typical basis of driving conversions, let’s look at some examples of how you can drive more business through your thank you pages, and we don’t just mean writing ‘Thank You’ in bold.

Limited offers

So, you have already appealed to your customer and the conversion has been made. Don’t lose this momentum that you already have. Limited offers are a great way to keep the dynamic going as you can offer specials or discounts for returning customers. For example, save $30 on your next purchase over $100 if you purchase within 7 days. Countdown timers can also work very well, as they create a real sense of urgency and allow your customers to visualise the clock ticking away. This adds pressure, which makes the buying decision much easier for returning customers.

Share, share, share! 

We all want to know that our business is being supported on social media, especially as business owners are becoming increasingly reliant on social proof to add credibility to their brand. Add some social sharing, whether it be that you have just purchased a great product or that you have signed up to an event. There is plenty of software out there in the marketplace that will remind you that you have registered for an event, which reinforces your customers’ obligation to attend or to share.


Incentivise to subscribe

Subscriptions can be gold for keeping your client base in the loop with offers and news. It makes sense to do this as they’re an existing customer, so they’ll want the chance to purchase again. It’s probably one of the highest converting tactics out there – give it a try!

Build meaningful relationships

Social is becoming ever more important, so why not build a community of your brand lovers online after they have completed an action? You can then gauge what they like about your business. Testimonials of products or experiences on the thank you page can reinforce customers to come back. Smiling customers like them will only add to the endorphins and make them want to support the business community on social. Get people to spread the word!

Upsell to your heart’s content

It’s clear that anyone can write the words ‘thank you’ to express their gratitude, but it’s a great way of showing the customer what other products and offers you have. Whether it be a related product or a more enhanced plan, utilise this page to intrigue the user into what they DIDN’T buy. Remember to show that they are getting a good deal and that there is no risk involved in doing so.


Reward for referrals

Everyone loves to get a good deal, so why not use this page to keep the good vibes flowing? Offer an incentive for sharing or even a personal reward. For example, refer a friend and receive 50% off your next month. These can work very well for seasonal promotions and will also help you stand apart from your competition. Referred business is the best business.

Spark curiosity

It’s always nice to complete the required action and then follow up offering something interesting or informative without the need to make a second action. Reel the user in with something witty that shows you are a leader in your field – maybe even an interesting blog or free e-book.

Use your thank you pages to watch your business grow.

Not sure what shape your website or landing pages are in? Give our conversion team a call to discuss options and get more of your customers converting and coming back for more!

By Charlotte MacInnes

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