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What’s Your Digital Diet Like?

Deloitte’s Media Consumer Survey has provided us with some interesting insights into the Australian digital diet – how much we’re consuming, where our preferred sources of entertainment lie, and on which platforms we consume them most.

It’s quite a handy snapshot and, given that it’s compiled every four years, it shows how our attitudes have changed and what’s getting our attention.

Mobile still reigns supreme

One thing’s for sure, the smartphone is here, and it’s here to stay. The report says we check our smartphones 30 times a day – collectively as a country, this amounts to a whopping 440,000,000 times a day! Importantly, the smartphone bookends our day – 56% of us check it within 30 minutes of going to sleep, and 52% check it within 15 minutes of waking up.

Smartphone as a gateway

For many of us, gone are the days where we sit listlessly on our journey home after work. These days, we’re more likely to partake in some online shopping on a mobile device. 65% browse on their smartphone, and 40% browse every week.


Yet, we’re still reluctant to pay with our smartphone, as many of us don’t view it as a secure payment method. Nevertheless, some brands have come up with some innovative ways of luring us in, such as Uber, which offers users the option of ordering on their phone, splitting fares, streaming music and GPS tracking their journey.

 We want it on demand

As we continue to value interconnectedness, we are also increasingly asking for content on demand, no matter the device we’re using. In fact, the report found that 69% of us do.

Surprisingly, it’s not all digital

Despite our smartphone obsession, we’re still managing to maintain quite a balanced digital diet. According to the survey, TV and browsing the internet were ranked equally as the preferred source of entertainment among all Australians surveyed. 33% of respondents also ranked reading as one of their top 3 preferred entertainment activities (be it on their eBook or ‘offline’, i.e. reading a real book).


We still love social media

80 % of us use it, but now 59% of us engage on a daily basis with social media, as opposed to 27% in the previous report. Not only is social media used to connect with friends, but it’s a source of news content for many of us, and we view brands with a social media presence more favourably than those that don’t.

social media crop

Digesting the data

There’s lots of data in this report – these are just some of the findings that I’ve found most interesting. However, one thing is certain, if we are to continue to look for ways to keep customers engaged, then we need to understand their behaviour. As consumers are given more choice – and ultimately more control over what they engage with and when they do it – it becomes more important than ever to cater to their preferences.

By Cassie Chorn

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