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Why Your Business Should Be Using Google AdWords

For over a decade now, Google AdWords has been changing the online advertising landscape, positioning itself as one of the most beneficial tools for any online business. Small to Medium Australian businesses can’t always wait for SEO campaigns to take effect, which is when you need to turn to Google AdWords.


Why Google AdWords?

Getting seen on Google is one of the best ways to grow your business. Google AdWords has allowed people the opportunity to bid on keywords in order to have their website found for relevant searches. This marketing technique has had hundreds of Australian business’s websites ranking above their competition, and given the pay-per-click nature of Google AdWords (you only pay when your ads clicked on), the ads created are incredibly efficient, cost-effective and deliver high potential for lead generation.

Through specifically refined keyword use, your business could obtain high visibility and reach wider audiences of Google searchers looking for services and products like yours. AdWords provides a range of benefits as part of your overall digital campaign, and can increase the visibility of your site, whether or not you’re also running a successful SEO campaign.

  1. Easily Measurable

A major feature within Google AdWords is the ability for advertisers to measure their marketing campaigns. Its transparency enables businesses to analyse metrics and refine the way by which they market to their audience. Basically, it lets you see what works and what doesn’t. This will allow you to determine your ROI, and evaluate several aspects of your campaign. This includes clicks made, number of impressions, click through rates, conversions and their rates, costs per click and costs per acquisition.

  1. High Flexibility

Due to its customisable nature, AdWords is extremely flexible for advertisers of all levels. Through Google Analytics, advertisers are able to match specific keyword types to their website. For instance, instead of splitting “Melbourne SEO Company” into generic searches like “Melbourne” and “SEO Company”, advertisers can combine the two for a more specific search term. More than that, it allows for businesses to display key attributes, such as logos, product images, contact information and other links to site pages.

Google AdWords flexibility extends into geo-targeting advertisements, allowing you to narrow audiences discovering you based on their geographical location, language, time of day, and the device or browser they are using. This moves through into Google owned sites, such as YouTube, Gmail, etc.

  1. Higher Ranking and Return on Investment

One limitation that SEO has is that ranking your business on Google can take some time. This is due to a number of things, such as competition and ‘proofing’ time. This is a completely different story when it comes to Google AdWords. Once you have organised your Google AdWords to go live, your campaign will instantly appear, and results are likely to follow soon after at a higher rate than what they would through SEO. The speed associated with Google AdWords campaigns has a range of benefits. Not only does it bring you results faster, but it allows for you to quickly test your keywords and refine where possible. This not only helps you achieve greater results in future Google AdWords campaigns, but in SEO campaigns too.

More than this, advertisers can expect to get a fast ROI given the PPC nature of AdWords. Given that advertisers are able to immediately see what is converting audience members into leads and what isn’t, you are able to discard parts of campaigns that aren’t yielding you the best results and optimise the ones that are. This allows you to focus your budget on campaign elements that are performing, and returning higher results.


  1. High Quality Visitors and Leads

As Google is one of the biggest companies worldwide, and the main form of information gathering, it is no surprise that it garners large volumes of traffic daily. As touched on earlier, there is a high level of refined searches that go through Google every day, and as they pride themselves on returning relevant results it greatly benefits your acquisition of strong leads.

Google is constantly updating its algorithm to ensure that users are getting the most relevant results to their searches. The only people generally seeing your ads are those specifically searching the keywords associated with your campaign. This means in turn, the people who are in need of your product or service are the ones seeing your ad. You will receive higher quality leads through Google AdWords ads, leading to a higher chance of achieving sales.

More than that, these visitors are more likely to engage in your website in other ways, such as opting in for your email list, requesting further information and returning later.

  1. Consumer Information

A key feature of Google AdWords, and one that can greatly benefit your marketing campaigns in the future is the information your campaign gathers. This will allow you to get in to the mind of your customer based on factual information about the people you garner. Through AdWords, you can gain information of customer habits, interests and requirements.

This is highly valuable information for any business owner to discover, allowing them to highly refine your products and services, how they are marketed and delivered to your customers.

Google AdWords itself is one of the most successful platforms for marketing campaigns, and for businesses to expand and grow the way they deliver messages of products and services to customers. Everything comes with small negative elements, but these are greatly outweighed by the incredible benefits that advertisers gain overall from marketing through Google AdWords.


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