As technology transforms the healthcare sector, it also transforms the way individuals access these services. More patients are turning to online platforms to access the best healthcare services around them. Let the experts at WME help you curate an effective healthcare online marketing strategy to ensure the right patients find your medical practice on the internet.

Building a Strong Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy

Patients have become more and more reliant on search engines, social media and websites to make healthcare decisions. Bringing your practice online means building relationships with your patients before they even set foot in your clinic.


Here are 4 key channels that help start a successful healthcare online marketing strategy:

  • Highly informative blogs that answer commonly asked questions
  • An engaging social media presence
  • Strong SEO attributes to help google find your practice
  • Resourceful and nurturing emails for brand loyalty

By using a multi-channel marketing approach, you can better connect with both existing and new patients. Use the internet and digital marketing to show patients why they can trust you and your practice. Creating a consistent and engaging message across multiple channels encourages patients to visit, as you have already painted a good picture.



Use Local SEO to Help Google Find Your Dental or Medical Practices

Smartphones and accessible Wi-Fi allow for individuals to conveniently search up anything through the internet. Studies have shown that around 73% of patients turn to search engines when trying to find a healthcare practitioner.

Don’t miss out on this large portion of your audience! Let the experts at our SEO agency help your medical and dental practices rank #1 on Google. We’ll find the best industry keywords to suceed with local SEO services. From dentists in Melbourne to surgeons in Surry Hills to doctors in Brisbane — our SEO company can provide optimising services for all healthcare professionals.

We can help you target the best suited keywords to drive the right patients towards finding your medical or dental practices. With SEO practices designed for dentists, doctors and surgeons, you can make sure your online marketing is as healthy as your treated patients.


Keep Your New & Existing Patients Engaged with Efficient Social Media Marketing

Great social media marketing content has become a necessity even with healthcare professionals. Patients often look up practices to help in the selection process for the best doctors, surgeons or dentists in their area.

Use your social media to establish the values of your medical or dental practice, post pictures of your team of doctors, dentists or surgeons and use these channels to communicate to your patients in times of crisis. Having an active social media presence inspires confidence in patients to come in and can help create familiarity for comfort.

The key role with the creation of social media content is to set goals and measurable outcomes.  With proper management, your practice’s social media strategy you can help build insights into your audience engagement and better relationships with new and existing patients.

The social media team at our agency are more than happy to help you get started with picking the most effective channels and curating a top-notch strategy.


Establish Your Medical or Dental Practice as a Thought Leader with Content Marketing

Content marketing in healthcare is a key way to establish your practice and show off your knowledge as well as expertise with great content pieces.

89% of consumers turn to a search engine when they’re looking to solve their healthcare queries. An informative healthcare content marketing strategy will lead patients looking for healthcare related questions to your site.

Having a blog dedicated to answering these questions is a great way to build authority and trust with your patients. Sending out emails can also nurture relationships with existing customers; for example, send out tips on managing anxiety when coming to the doctors or even a guide to boosting your immune system.

Let our expert content writers help you design a content marketing strategy that builds trust and puts you ahead of competing practices.


Get More Conversions with Targeted Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is a simple and efficient way to drive traffic to your website by placing your practice at the top of relevant search queries on search engines like Google. While the healthcare industry can be quite competitive, carefully targeted keywords can see worthwhile returns on investment. Especially as with PPC advertising, you’re only paying for the times when someone clicks on your ad.

The team at WME can ensure your PPC advertising strategies are optimised for a higher chance of conversion while meeting all relevant marketing guidelines in the health sector. Google has a number of regulations surrounding how doctors, dentists, surgeons and other healthcare professionals can market their practice with Google Advertising (Google Ads). However, our Google Ads team are always on top of these regulations and will be able to find a strategy that works for your practice while staying within any limitations.

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WME is more than just an SEO agency, we offer holistic online marketing services for healthcare professionals. Our team works together to make sure you are performing across all internet marketing platforms.

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Stress less about the fast-changing landscape of the internet, as our experts will be here to guide you. We are constantly re-evaluating our campaigns to meet the changes of the online marketing sphere to ensure your Google Ads spend, social media content or SEO keywords gets you the best returns on investment.


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Our team is constantly assessing industry trends and keeping up to date on the best strategies for healthcare professionals. Let us give you insights into content trends in the dental industry or assist in optimising your website to help those in your locality find the best surgeons.

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