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Daffodil Day is This Friday – How is Your Business Getting Involved?

When it comes to good causes, Daffodil Day is definitely up there as a biggie. As one of Australia’s best-known fundraising events, the Cancer Council initiative attracts hordes of supporters and volunteers each year, creating a community of likeminded people with one common goal: to contribute to cancer research.

It’s a great way for businesses to raise awareness about a poignant issue and build a sense of camaraderie, with many choosing to raise funds by selling Daffodil Day merchandise in the workplace.

However, beyond asking team members or customers to fork out spare change for a daffodil pin, businesses these days can get involved in all kinds of ways. From blossoming retailers (pun wholeheartedly intended) to B2B services, getting onboard with a good cause is a great way to boost company culture. Here are a few of our suggestions for bringing Daffodil Day into the workplace – many of which we’re implementing ourselves this year.

Ask your staff to don their best yellow

For a fun spin on Casual Friday, why not invite your team members to come to work wearing a splash of yellow? This could be as simple as a lemon-coloured tie or a mustard scarf, or as extravagant as a head-to-toe outfit in a bright shade of banana! Not only is this a great way to boost awareness about Daffodil Day, it also adds a bit of entertainment to the end of the week – after all, with the weekend just around the corner and a workplace drenched in shades of yellow, any negative energy in the office is sure to be banished quick-smart, right?

This is a great way to generate a conversation about the topic amongst your work peers and remind people to donate to the cause if they can. Furthermore, if you want to take things a step further, why not host a contest for ‘best-dressed’? Contestants can pay a small fee to enter, with all donations going towards Cancer Council.

Create a unique Instagram post

Ah, good ol’ social media: the place where trending hashtags are born and photos go viral. With so many people taking part in #DaffodilDay Instagram posts this year, it can be highly worthwhile having your business contribute to the conversation.

There are plenty of ways to do this: snap a shot of your team dressed in yellow a la the previous point, create an eye-catching graphic using a free design tool like Canva, or make your own photo flatlay. Complete your post by captioning your image with all the ways your team is donating to Cancer Council this Daffodil Day. The ideas are endless, but if you need some inspiration, simply search the hashtag #DaffodilDay on Instagram for past posts. (Speaking of which, don’t forget to add that all-important hashtag to your own post!).


Bring around donation tins

If getting digitally savvy isn’t really your thing, you can also go old-school. Donation tins are still alive and rattling, and events such as Daffodil Day are a great time to bring them out. Prop up a few in your workplace, or have a few team members take them around to staff. At the end, cash the coins in at the bank and use the funds to create an online donation.

Make a blanket donation in the name of your company

If you’d rather just fast-forward to the donation part, you can always set aside some of the company budget to make an overall donation. A contribution of $50 can help protect schoolchildren thanks to the Cancer Council SunSmart School Program, while a contribution of $1,000 can be poured into ground-breaking research towards prevention, diagnosis and treatment methods and clinics. Simply head to the Daffodil Day website and in just a few short steps, you can complete and submit your online donation.

daffodilday donation page

Hang posters around the office

The Daffodil Day website is also a great resource for printing out posters to display in your workplace. There’s a great selection available, giving you the choice to advocate for cancer research fundraising and awareness in your own way. Simply take your pick and dig out that Blu-Tac!

Get in the kitchen

Bake sales are kind of like the bread-and-butter of workplace fundraising (pun once again wholeheartedly intended). Nothing quite says, ‘let’s raise money for a good cause!’ like a good old-fashioned bake sale, so why not encourage your team to don those aprons and try their hands in the kitchen for a Daffodil Day twist? Make ‘yellow’ the theme, and invite your pastry-inclined staff members to whip up some goodies to bring on Friday (we’re thinking vanilla cupcakes, lemon slice, custard…the choice is yours). Sell each sweet snack for a small fee, with all funds going towards Cancer Council.


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