Last updated 07/08/2017

In this agreement, the following words have the following meanings:
Progress Milestones means the time/s from implementation of ‘on-page’ SEO elements to which the Progress Guarantee applies.
Progress Goals means the achievement/s required within the Progress Milestones to which the Progress Guarantee applies.
Guarantee Provision means achieving the Progress Milestones by the Guarantee Term (if applicable).
Progress Guarantee 
1. The Company guarantees to achieve the Progress Goals within the period of the Progress Milestones according to the Campaign Details. In the event that a Progress Goal of the guarantee is not met, the Company agrees to continue to provide the Services free of charge until the Progress Goal is achieved. This guarantee does not limit any rights the Client has under the Australian Consumer Law.
a. The guarantee/s offered, if any, are determined prior to the campaign commencing. The Client acknowledges that pricing for the Service” may vary depending on the type of Guarantee offered.
b. The Progress Guarantee Terms apply in addition to the General Terms.
c. The guarantee/s do not apply in the following circumstances:
i. If changes are made to the Website by other parties including the Client that adversely affect the search engine rankings of the Website as determined by the Company; or
ii. If the Website is offline or inaccessible for more than 7 days to the search engines due to a reason not caused by the Company.