Last updated 02/02/2015

In this agreement, the following words have the following meanings:
“Satisfaction Guarantee Period” The time from implementation of ‘on-page’ SEO elements to which the Satisfaction Guarantee applies.
“Campaign Particulars” The Campaign Particulars provided by the Company to the Client setting out the Client, Fee, Key Phrases, Minimum Term, Ongoing Fee, Search Engines and Website.
“Client” The Client, as detailed within the Campaign Particulars and including its representatives.
“Company” The Company, as detailed within the Campaign Particulars and including its representatives.
“Key Phrases” The mutually agreed target search phrases for which the Services apply being the Key Phrases, as detailed within the Campaign Particulars..
“Services” The provision of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to manipulate elements of the Website and references to the Website from other websites for the purpose of having the Website found and listed by Search Engines for the Key Phrases in searches and attempting to improve the ranking of the Website in the Search Engines when the Key Phrases are searched.
“Website” The location defined by the unique resource locator (URL) being targeted by the campaign being the Website, as detailed within the Campaign Particulars.
Satisfaction Guarantee 
1. The “Company” grants the “Client” the option to exit the agreement without penalty at any time from the date of the agreement until the expiration of the “Satisfactions Guarantee Period”. Should the agreement be terminated in this manner the “Company” shall refund in full all moneys received under this agreement.
a. The guarantee/s offered, if any, are determined prior to the campaign commencing. The “Client” acknowledges that pricing for the “Services” may vary depending on the type of Guarantee offered.
b. The Satisfaction Guarantee Terms apply in addition to the General Terms.