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Case Study : Factory Buys

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This week, we’re looking at how different digital marketing strategies can be integrated to garner even better results. Have a read about how WME transformed Factory Buys’ digital marketing journey and see the amazing results that can come from a digital strategy that encompasses multiple digital advertising streams.

Factory Buys
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Instant Sales
  • Build brand
  • Build consumer confidence
  • Gain instant visibility on Google and Facebook


“Fantastic company. Great results since starting with them…”

Shane Scholefield, Factory Buys


The Client

Based in South East Queensland, Factory Buys provides fun, stylish and functional products for the home. They signed on with WME in January of 2017, under the fierce leadership of Digital Marketing Manager, Byron Redhead.

The Challenge

Factory Buys came to us with a blank slate. None of their keywords were ranking on the 1st page of Google and they had a minimal online presence. Their primary goals were to start seeing instant sales, condensing the customer’s journey through the sales funnel; increase brand awareness and credibility; and gain instant visibility on Google and Facebook.

WME completed a total digital overhaul to increase qualified traffic to the Factory Buys website; increase brand exposure amongst the target demographic; increase the value of the visitors who do land on the website; and ultimately increase sales.

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The Strategy

Factory Buys began with SEO. 50 keywords were carefully selected by the WME Tech Department and the site was optimised for the Google Search Engine.

The next step was to get instant top-of-the-page visibility by putting their products in front of people that are searching for them on Google Shopping. This stream of advertising, when employed properly, garners high click through rates and qualified traffic.

Facebook is great for promoting products to a refined target audience. For Factory Buys it was important to build up frequency and reach for brand exposure; obtain a list of potential customers for re-marketing purposes; and build brand credibility, reputation and authority. The Facebook strategy also included targeted carousel advertising, allowing the business to display up to 5 products at once and increasing the chance of peaking customer interest.

Finally, to target return customers, Factory Buys engaged in a strong Display Network Remarketing campaign. Banner ads highlighted individual products, inspiring existing customers to return and make another purchase. Return visitors usually convert at a higher rate than first time visitors, so this was a highly effective addition to the Factory Buys digital strategy.

The Outcome

Factory Buys now have 45 out of their 73 keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google. In nine months, organic traffic increased from 3,094 users to a hefty 35,825 users. Similarly, paid traffic increased from 2,952 users to 12,215 users.

In 9 months WME and Factory Buys earned the following results:

260% 1,057% 313% 199%
increase in users overall increase in organic traffic increase in paid traffic increase in return traffic (remarketing)
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