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Does Your Website Need a Content Delivery System?

Abbreviated as CDN, Content Delivery Network is a system of distributed networks that avails webpages and other web content to users based on their geographical location, the origin of the page and the content delivery server. The main goal of a CDN is to serve the said content to the users with high availability and high performance. You need to integrate CDN with web hosting to speed things up.

When people visit your site, their searches will be directed to your website’s host server. This server is in a central location. This means that everyone will be accessing this server to view your website. If you have high traffic the server will be overloaded, leading to slow website loading and sometimes server crash. Therefore, it will be wise to use CDN to avoid these problems. Being a network of servers spread across the world, CDN will cache and store your content on these servers.

When a user visits your site, the CDN technology will have him or her redirected to the nearest server and will still be able to access your static content (images, CSS, JavaScript and Flash). Having the CDN servers in many geographical locations will make your pages load faster from the users’ point of views. Therefore, the closer the CDN servers are to the users, the faster the user gets your content.


Why CDN for your site?

Using the CDN servers will have a very huge impact on your website. So why do you really need a CDN? There are very many benefits of using this technology. Some are:


Using CDN servers will make the delivery of your content faster. There will be less traffic in these servers making them deliver your static content at greater speeds. The closer the CDN server is to the user, the faster user will obtain your content.

Improved user experience

If your site delivers content faster, the users will be satisfied with the high speeds. People do not like waiting for hours to have content delivered to them, they will also avoid the slow sites. Therefore, incorporating the use of CDN technology will improve the users’ experiences.


Improves your SEO

Google will rank your website highly if it is very fast. Google as a company considers the user experience as their ultimate goal. The faster the site is, the more the user experience will improve. This, therefore, will make Google rank you on top. This ranking comes with other benefits such as increase in traffic, exposure, good reputation and increased conversion rates.

Crash resistance

If your site receives high traffic, your hosting server will crash due to overloading. The crash will render your site useless till the problem is fixed. With CDN, you can reduce the incidences of these crashes occurring. Your visitors will be redirected to the closer CDN servers in their locations.

Saves on cost

A CDN will bring you more savings. Instead of hosting your site in highly priced foreign web hosting companies, you can use a global CDN. The prices are very reasonable and your website will work across many regions.

By Shounak Gupte

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