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SEO Analysis: When 20 Heads Are Better Than 1

As I walked through the office this morning I laughed when I saw our team.

They stood around a single monitor looking like something straight out of a cheesy stock photo: our multicultural team of an Indian, Sri Lankan, German, Pakistani, Vietnamese and Aussie. They were trying to solve a complex customer issue before heading to lunch.

It brought up an interesting question: what do you do when you don’t have all the answers?

Nobody knows everything, especially in marketing.

Asking Hard Questions

The WME tech team works on a diverse range of platforms, from the very common WordPress, Joomla and Magento, to less common CMS systems like Shopify, Weebly, HaveALook and even the very uncommon setups like Sites N Stores, Strikingly and GoDaddy Site Builder.

Our clients expect us to be experts on these platforms and any other they can bring our way. We have worked on at least 30 different platforms this year alone.

But website builders are the least of our concerns some days.

SEO analysis is built on questions that have hard-to-define answers. What backlinks should you focus on? What keyphrases will deliver the best results for our clients? Is this landing page converting at the best possible level? Should we add a few internal links to this page for user experience or will it hurt the page 1 rankings?

In House vs. Agency SEO Analysis

As of this moment there are 671 jobs including “SEO” in their description on Seek. Many businesses think they are better off spending $60-$80,000 on an in-house SEO specialist to run their organic search marketing. This costs the company approximately $7,000 per month.

But is that good value for the company? Sure it is, in one sense. Having a dedicated SEO specialist 35-40 hours a week working on nothing but your website allows for a greater depth of work over a year than most SEO agency teams could possibly do.

Hiring someone also gives you full control over their work and how things get done.


So, what are the downsides?

Huge Value in a Large Team

An in-house tech is still working on that problem from earlier. It’s not solved because they don’t have 15 colleagues to simply turn and ask. Complex coding your SEO expert doesn’t understand? Push it to web development, who may have a few weeks’ turnaround time.

An in-house SEO specialist is also limited by their own knowledge. If the site isn’t ranking well or responding to their marketing strategies, what can they do? Go online and ask? Hop on Twitter so they can ask someone else? In many cases the answer is to pray someone replies so they can get results soon.


For under $7,000 a month in an agency you can get access to strategists, SEO technicians, content writers, our paid ads team, a social media gun and a campaign manager whose job exists to make your life easier.

Business is hard but it’s a lot easier when you have a team of experts whose sole goal is to make your business grow.

Oh, and our client’s problem was solved by lunch.

How valuable is that to your business?

By Matt Antonino

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