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Strategies to Ensure Your Website Survives RankBrain

Google RankBrain has been announced as the third most important factor in the search engine’s ranking algorithm since it was introduced six months ago.

RankBrain is Google’s machine-learning artificial intelligence that’s used to better understand first-time search queries, which, according to Google, count for about 15% of daily searches. RankBrain’s mission is to eliminate any web pages from search results that don’t provide readers with high-quality, relevant content that answer searchers’ questions.

Given that we know how important RankBrain is, we also know that SEO practitioners and marketers alike cannot afford to ignore it, and should instead learn how to incorporate RankBrain into their strategy. A large part of this means finding ways to continue delivering valuable content that solves problems for their audiences.

Write blog posts that cover many aspects and include multiple keyword phrases

When conducting your keyword research, focus on including multiple keyword phrases throughout your blog post that you can use in the blog post title and in its subheadings. In doing so, you’re ensuring that you’re covering as many possible search queries as possible.

Next, move into Google Search and type in these keyword phrases that you’ve decided to use in your blog post. For example, one of my keyword phrases is, “why use digital marketing”. After I type this into Google Search, I can see at the bottom of the page some more related search phrases, including “importance of digital marketing today”, and “why digital media marketing is important”.  These are also worth including. As always, it’s important not to engage in keyword stuffing. After all, RankBrain is focused on providing users with relevant, useful and readable content.


Forget about your rankings (for moment) and analyse your content’s performance

Put your rankings aside for a moment and take a look at how your content is performing for your users. How many shares is it getting on social media and what kind of comments is it attracting? Is it converting well or are people leaving your page? These metrics are just as important to look at as the number of clicks your web page is receiving, as this will tell you how valuable your customers perceive your content to be.

Increase your CTRs with social ads and remarketing

Build brand recognition by remarketing on the Google Display Network and on social media. Remarketing directs your ads at people who have already displayed an interest in your brand, so it often results in higher conversion rates (sometimes up to two times higher). Both of these forms of advertising are an effective way of boosting both your search volume and your click-through-rates. Searchers more aware of your brand, product or service are far more likely to click on your link in the search results pages.

google-analytics-1142957_640 (1)

Ultimately, strategising for RankBrain is about strategising for a better experience for your end-users. While you might think it’s better to know the ins-and-outs of RankBrain, Google has always shown that it’s never possible to beat the algorithms with trickery or sly tactics. Instead, think about how you can best serve your audience, and you’re well on your way to improving your results in Google Search.

By Cassie Chorn

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