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Best practice SEO services for your WordPress site

Having trouble attracting website traffic? It’s likely that the people who want to speak to you can’t find your website. With so many pages on the internet, you’re competing against hundreds and thousands of other websites for the viewer’s attention.

Most searchers don’t click past page one of search results, so if your business is not there, you’ll likely be lost in the deluge. SEO is what you need and what we do best! Our experts have been implementing SEO tactics since the very beginning and can help your website outrank your competition.

What is SEO?
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SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is the technique of optimising your website with relevant keywords about your products and services, in a bid to get your website ranking on the first page of search results for those relevant keywords. It is about taking what we know about the Google algorithm and making tweaks to your website, in order to reach the top of Google’s search results, but you have to earn it.

Google strive to provide a positive user experience for everyone who uses their search engine, so the primary ranking factor is relevance. Then, there are upwards of 200 other ranking factors that contribute to where in the search results your website will land.

How will SEO practices benefit you?

How will SEO practices benefit you?
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Increase your website traffic

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Spread brand awareness

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Prove your brand means business

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Compete with your rivals

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Enjoy strong ROI

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Don’t pay for clicks or conversions


Who needs SEO?

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Without SEO, your site simply won’t be found. There are hundreds and thousands of websites vying for visitors. So, if you’re not making any effort to compete, you will fall behind and lose customers to your competitors.

With small tweaks to the Google algorithm made daily, it’s easy to slip back to page two, three or four. Short-term results are certainly achievable with other forms of paid marketing; however, if you want a lasting increase in website traffic, you need to invest in an SEO strategy long term.

Let WME drive more traffic to your site

As an ongoing investment, you want to partner with a company that has a track record in providing exceptional SEO services to a wide range of clients. WME is Australia’s largest digital marketing agency, so while our dedicated experts keep your SEO on track, you can enlist the help of our Google Ads, Social Media or Web Development specialists to supplement your SEO efforts.

To find out more or to take your first steps, contact our experts! The team at WME are excited to help your WordPress website attract more organic traffic with SEO.

What our clients say about us

"In our first week we have exceeded
$8k in sales thanks to WME"

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Why WME?

Australia’s trusted content strategy company

No matter what your business type — B2B, B2C, service, e-commerce or brick and mortar store — WME can set you up with a winning digital e-marketing strategy. When it comes to top content, WME is hard to beat. With the largest onsite content team in Australia, we have the knowledge, expertise and talent all under the one roof.