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3 Key Strategies for Social Media Success

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In order to reap success from your social media presence and actually boost your brand’s rep, you need to forego the slap-dash approach and get strategising. Here are three simple yet vital things to keep in mind when curating your social channels.

1. Plan ahead

Many businesses make the mistake of viewing social media as a last priority, resulting in sporadic posting with their ‘if I get time’ approach. This results in many lost opportunities where they miss out on generating hype about important events or industry-relevant news.

You won’t be able to maintain a consistent social media presence without having a plan.  Start by putting together an editorial calendar and noting upcoming business and industry-specific events. This will allow you to visualise what the next few weeks will look like from a social perspective and create content around it to ensure consistency for your audience.


2. Identify your goals

We’re firm believers in never posting for the sake of posting. Rather than spamming your audiences with everything and anything just to tick off your daily to-do list, ALWAYS question the reason you’re posting. What do you want to achieve through social media? Do you want to be informative? Funny? Relatable? Is your audience going to find value in what you’re about to post? How do you want them to respond?

Asking these questions will ultimately result in a better response. If you’re tailoring your content and message for a desired outcome, your efforts are less likely to fall short.


3. There’s no cookie cutter approach

We often get asked ‘how many times a week should we post? What type of content should we post and at what time?’ and the answer to this will always be different. No two businesses are the same, and likewise, no two social media strategies should ever be the same.

Every social media community has its own unique characteristics, responding to a specific tone of voice and message with different online behaviour.

Posting three times a day, seven days a week to an online community of Facebook users who login once a week will result in wasted time and resources which would be better spent elsewhere.

There’s no cheat sheet to success on social media – you need to take the time to understand how your audience operates and interacts online. The key to success lies in ongoing active monitoring of how people are responding to your content; if and when they’re responding; and establishing the ‘sweet spot’ in regards to the number of posts per week.

Using third-party analytics can help you understand how your community operates and how it can grow in the future.

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