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51 Ways to Awaken Your Facebook Page

Dear business owners,

Very sorry to say, but your company Facebook Page is dead…

Well, not dead. But it is sleeping. It’s tired and cranky, nobody is paying attention to it and it is repelling people. It’s like an angry teenager. Or something like that.

Good news though, you can AWAKEN the fans of your Facebook Page!

Facebook Pages are like plants – if you don’t water them, they will perish. Quickly. That’s actually a bluff, as believe it or not, I really have no experience in maintaining plant life.

Now, you’re very busy, I’m sure; we’ll have less of the above nonsense and I’ll spare you the tedious details (can you imagine expanding on 51 ideas in this context? We’d just have to mail you an instruction manual) and instead here’s a skimmable, easily digestible, lunch-time-readable, good ol’ reliable list of tips, tricks and tactics to help you re-energise your Page:

1 – Ask questions in your statuses.

2 – Communicate like you would to close friends.

3 – IMMEDIATELY reply to any likes or comments on your statuses.

4 – Stop trying to sell in every status.

5 – Make your Page description actually interesting rather than a list of facts.

6 – Exploit (in statuses) social trends: phrases, memes, etc.

7 – Integrate world events with your company content/updates.

8 – Exploit seasons, celebrations and communal concepts.

9 – Use intellectual provocation to spark debates.

10 – Use images and videos in your statuses.

11 – Run competitions via status updates.

12 – Mention small details of people’s comments in future statuses.

13 – Ask that people share your statuses in exchange for ‘shout outs.’

14 – Treat your statuses like one continuous conversation with your fans.

15 – Use pop-culture references every now and then.

16 – Relax. Your fan base are humans too!

17 – Be funny.

18 – Be funnier.

19 – Be even funnier than that! Humour will remove the tense “we are selling” context.

20 – Link around to other content as little as possible.


21 – Keep your fan base ‘on their toes’/engaged by alternating tones within statuses.

22 – Let your staff (and yourself) breathe their true personalities through your Page.

23 – Post real, sociable pictures of your workplace.

24 – Stop selling. Again.

25 – Make powerful statements.

26 – Keep about a 25:1 ‘sell status’ ratio to test revenue without alienating.

27 – Post lists (yeah).

28 – Assume your fan base is at least as smart as you are.

29 – Don’t pander, dumb-down or water-down ideas that you post. Be real.

30 – Celebrate ‘Page milestones’ (100 Likes, 1000 Likes etc.).

31 – Use statuses as daily/weekly countdowns to events.

32 – Post consistently, such as once a week. Consistency is king.

33 – Post truly valuable content.

34 – View your Page as your fan base does, to experience what they do.

35 – Treat the story of your Page like a melodrama.

36 – Respond in OTT (but authentic) detail to comments.

37 – Ask questions in response to comments.

38 – Build suspense by mentioning upcoming events, far in advance.

39 – Don’t censor: let your community live!

An example of setting up a Facebook Page.

An example of setting up a Facebook Page.

40 – Align emotive themes to your brand with images.

41 – Encourage Liking, Sharing & Commenting on posted media.

42 – Offer sincere advice.

43 – Have real conversations in comment chains.

44 – Break the fourth wall in statuses: openly acknowledge business agendas.

45 – Occasionally post dense, meaningful statuses.

46 – Post simple facts or figures as statuses.

47 – Quality control: clean-up/remove ineffective past statuses.

48 – Request honest feedback about your Page…on your Page.

49 – Post polls as statuses.

50 – Use compelling Page (Cover & Profile Picture) images.

51 – Repeat formulas of previously successful statuses.

There you go! 51 free (no, honestly, put your wallet away. No, I said no, I won’t hear of it. Our shout) insider tips to help you get the most out of your Page. Remember to always view your Page as a testing ground, community and potentially fun arena to deepen and enrich your company following vs. a stream of billboard advertisements, disguised as Facebook updates.

You can most certainly reap the benefits of growth and revenue, from your Page, but only after building an authentic following who are sincerely interested in what you – and your company – have to say. The trick is to remove the ‘company factor’. Let your fans behind the curtain.

Why 51 ways? Well, because that’s the precise number that I reached, just before passing-out from exhaustion at this keyboard, as I type. After this bit of course…

Now let’s all take a moment of silence to consider if that statement is actually true.

All of those tips and tactics will help your current fan base engage more with you and your Page content. What if you do not currently have any/many/enough Page Likes to garner any engagement? We can certainly help with that too: give us a call!

Written by Nick Sullivan — Account Manager at WME.

By Nick Sullivan

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