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Collaboration – We Dig it (And Other Reasons to Invest in an Agency for Social Media Marketing)

Disclaimer: if you take anything from today’s blog post make it this;

Collaboration – yes.

Assumption – no.

With more and more brands investing in social media marketing, it’s an inevitable question faced by business owners and marketing managers everywhere: “Do we hire internally or invest in an agency for our social media needs?”. Whilst each of these options has its pros and cons, ultimately what cannot be disputed is the priceless tools, resources, expertise and knowledge that an agency brings to the table that businesses would otherwise not have access to.

Hi, hey, hello…

Whilst the biggest criticism of the ‘agency experience’ is team integration, there are social media providers out there that offer all the benefits of a large agency whilst delivering to clients the boutique service they desire (hi, hey, hello…). Agencies that can successfully achieve this balance are a welcomed breath of fresh air to an industry saturated by companies that fall into either of these extremes. As a business owner, these are the types of agencies you should be choosing to partner with for your social media needs.

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Assume = to make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’

But before I unleash a rambling tirade about why your business should needs to invest in an expert external social media service, let’s flip the script for a second. The old wives’ tale that there are digital marketing agencies out there that just ‘get it’ discredits all the hard work that goes into understanding a business and their needs, and lures the client into a false sense of security. The seamless integration of any two teams is a by-product of what? Hard work? Yes. Dedication? Affirmative. A clear understanding of the business model and brand guidelines? 100%. However, whether an agency ‘gets it’ weighs largely on clear creative and professional collaboration.

We’re halfway there!

When investing in an external provider for any type of creative collateral – marketing, advertising, SEO or otherwise – you’re asking that provider to act on behalf of your brand. In order for a third party to be able to emulate your brand’s voice and values authentically, an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of your business is required. How is that achieved? Repeat after me: “Through clear creative and professional collaboration”. Great! We’re halfway there.


Agency resources with a boutique feel, win-win

Collaboration is an integral part of our social media service and overall business ethos. It allows us to deliver the boutique service you desire using the tools, resources, expertise and knowledge you need to succeed. If we were to take collaboration out of this formula, we can assure you wholeheartedly that your campaign will fail. However, if you are able to commit to clear, open and ongoing collaboration between yourself and your provider, you’ll have yourself a power tool for social media success at a fraction of what it would cost for you to hire internally.

In conclusion; collaboration – we dig it.

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By Nicole Wilson

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