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How WME Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Now that WME has completed the transition to the new offices on Spencer Street, we are also debuting and growing several new marketing channels for our customers. WME’s growth is well-documented with our regular inclusion in BRW’s Fast 100 and Startup Smart awards, and that growth continues today with our announcement of a FULL suite of social media services for your business.

One of our most frequently asked questions is whether we offer social media services. We have recently hired several new social media experts to bring our campaigns a full range of products:

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing?

Despite the obvious benefits, social media marketing is often questioned by business owners who don’t believe the hype or think “Facebook and stuff” makes such a big difference to their business. Each year Social Media Examiner surveys business owners who use social media to find out what they believe are the most important reasons they use this channel.



Over 90% of business owners who use social media believe the increased exposure helps their business generate more leads and sales. Over 77% say it helps increase traffic to their website. Over half believe in positioning themselves as thought leaders in the market.


Social media management

Would you rather have someone else manage the posting and image work behind your social updates? Don’t have time to figure it all out? Our experts are happy to be the voice behind your voice. We can work closely with you to set a tone and strategy that aligns with your brand and then be the fingers on the keyboard to make sure your work gets done at the right time.

Social media management can be as involved as you would like. We can update your header photos and keep your details up to date, or we can simply create and follow a regular posting schedule to take some of the work off your plate.  Dependent on your company’s brand personality, the frequency and type of content posted will vary. Using our research tools, we are able to find articles each week that are timely and relevant to your industry.

Want to automate your social media with curated news from your industry and pre-scheduled posts across your channels? Yes, we can help you with that, too. From A(nalytics) to Z(apier), we are at your disposal.

Need help with how to craft status updates to engage with your audience? Or need an agency to source photos and content for you? We can help with that!

Social Media Strategy

While a quick peek into your accounts can help, many businesses are helped by a further strategy session with one of our social media experts. Our team will conduct an audit and, where possible, look into your analytics to help create a workable social media strategy.

Knowing your goals and speaking with you about achieving them in the best ways possible is the centrepiece of our social strategy. We will give you tactics and expert knowledge to further your brand, product or service campaigns. We can also provide once-off documents for you to implement internally if having us manage your channels is not in your current plans.

Strategic plans may include calendaring & time to post suggestions, channel strategy, post frequency and type analysis, and more.

Account Audits

The most frequent request we get is for WME to “take a look” at social media business profiles and offer our insight, suggestions and ideas to improve the overall accounts.

An account audit looks at your branding, consistency of voice, frequency and engagement of your posts, the type of posts you are most frequently using, and much more.

We will compare these insights into your account vs. your goals to help create a plan for your business to move forward and improve your social media accounts.


Paid Social Media Ads

On top of content marketing, a paid social strategy can be relevant to achieve specific goals and ensure particular information reaches your target audience.

Our performance media team can help you manage and improve your paid social media ads. Our team can run efficient ads for Instagram followers, get you new leads via Facebook, or manage the remarketing for your social campaigns – your targets drive our tactics.

We offer a wide range of paid ad solutions for social media – Youtube, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest & more are available.

Brand Voice Strategy

Often we are too close to the trees to see that we’re in a forest. Third-party brand strategy helps you see your brand as others see you.

A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments. This document is the foundation upon which your content and social media strategies are built. After reading this document, you should know who you are, who your audience is and how best communicate with that audience.

After six years in the industry, we’ve found that some business owners are so entrenched in their business that they find it difficult to remove themselves and look at things objectively.

Using detailed research, data analysis, internally developed tools and the expertise of our specialist team, we’ll help you put the pieces together.


Consultancy & Training

Do you have a team that all have their hands on your Facebook or Twitter account and you need to ensure consistency from person to person? Or do you just want us to come and train your team on the best laid plans for social media?

Team training is a very popular and fast way to get your team on the same level. Bring one of our experts to you and we can walk you through launching a new account, using multiple channel managers and how to get the most from your daily efforts.

We build our services around your distinct needs and hurdles, advising you on how to best reach and engage your social audience.

Influencer Marketing

As social media continues to grow in popularity at a staggering rate, so does brand influencer marketing. Brand influencer marketing provides businesses with an opportunity to capitalise on the following of social media personalities – the ultimate product placement.

As part of our services, we can reach out to personalities within your industry for you or we can set aside part of your media spend to go towards Tribe influencer marketing or what we call “TIM.”

TIM is an extremely effective way of reaching highly influential personalities within the social space, and gives us the flexibility to pick and choose the most suited influencers.

Insights, reporting & analytics

Our team can provide clear insights to go with weekly, fortnightly or monthly data reporting to help you see patterns, find causes and dive deep into your data.

Instead of simply sending over a report and expecting you to figure it out for yourself, we will do the hardest work for you and cull through the data to extract useful, actionable insights to drive your social media strategy forward.

It is important not only to be aware of what your competitors are doing, but to be a leader in regards to popular practices in the social media space.

If you are interested in having WME be your social media marketing agency, please contact your account manager or give our team a call on 1300 663 995 today!

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