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5 Tips for Motivating Your Staff

To do great work, your employees need to feel valued. This goes a long way in making them feel more motivated and better supported so they can produce their best work. Having overseen WME’s substantial growth over the years, I know from first-hand experience how vital a motivated team is to achieving highly sought-after business growth, and how a driven team has a direct correlation to company success.

While financial incentives and Friday afternoon drinks are fun perks, the key to motivating your staff is to introduce mechanisms that yield long-term benefits. Even sharing small wins and saying good morning to your staff can go a long way in encouraging them to perform well.

Operate with an open door policy

Allowing your employees to run with a project and take ownership of it means they’ll feel more empowered and will be more willing to show initiative in the future. But sometimes employees can be unwilling to come forward with ideas unless senior leadership makes it clear that the organisation operates with an open door policy, and that they are always open to hearing out new ideas. Tell your team as much, and acknowledge them when they come forward with something valuable.

Let your employees shape their own role

Approach your team members and ask them how they think they could improve their performance. Every employee is going to have different ideas about how they can work smarter, so it would be inefficient to introduce blanket performance indicators or personal goals. Let your employees create their own personal development plans that you can review with them on a regular basis, and support them in the areas that they want to improve on by providing training and coaching opportunities of their choosing.


Provide meaningful opportunities

Your staff are going to want to feel like they’re working towards something achievable – whether that be a personal or professional goal. Make this possible by presenting your team with meaningful opportunities that require them to take initiative, but are still within reach. You can do this by outlining what you want done, but letting them choose the direction and its execution. This will also provide them with a strong sense of ownership.

Make your presence felt in the office

I believe special effort should be made to make your presence known in the office. Greet your team in the morning, send inspirational quotes and walk through the office throughout the day, and don’t only speak to them when you want a task completed.

Share company wins, no matter how small

Even the smallest achievements contribute to overall company success, so make this known. Acknowledge wins by sending out company-wide emails and recognising the individuals who contributed, or announce them at all-staff meetings. What’s equally important is to acknowledge the mistakes along the way, especially if they led to learning. Proper recognition is an important factor for many in staying motivated at work.


By Nick Bell

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