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Don’t Be Like Kanye on Social Media

On the 14th of February, American rapper Kanye West released his seventh studio album, ‘The Life of Pablo’. What makes this interesting, other than the fact that Kanye is one of the most polarising artists of the last decade, is that the month prior to this release date, his Twitter feed was littered with bizarre, nonsensical rants.

West targeted his ex-girlfriend, the father of her child, competing fashion lines, and the media at large, just to name a few. Genius marketing, or, as some close to him are claiming, the ravings of a man who is quite ill? Time will only tell how the public will react to his new album, but let me give you a little tip – don’t be Kanye.


Hopefully, if you are a small business owner operating social media to market your business, you already know that tweets containing inane thoughts, social or political rants, or NSFW imagery are not the way to market your business on social. But what should you do?

It’s not only about sales

It is very easy to go over the top and purely use Twitter to promote your brand, but you need to mix up your content a little bit. If your tweets are constantly seen as trying to push sales, people will lose interest and unfollow you. If you intersperse that with other content your audience may find interesting (links to articles, relevant imagery, tweets about current events) you may be more likely to retain your audience and potentially sell to them in the future.

There is a real life person behind the keyboard

Earlier this year, the media caught wind of the story of Dan from Optus, who was hailed an online hero after he used his customer service representative status to politely defend the company’s stance on advertising in languages other than English. While Dan’s answers were controversial at times, his human responses to very negative feedback spun the story into a very positive one for Optus. Much like when you call a business and would prefer to speak to a person rather than a machine, appearing as a human on social media is a great way to boost your audiences trust in your brand. Which leads to…

Always respond!

Social media (for those of us out of the limelight) can be a great way to easily contact brands and businesses to inform them of your dissatisfaction. It can be very easy for a business to take these personally, but the easiest way to overcome any criticism and to make it out the other side looking good is to cop it on the chin. Take the ‘customer is always right’ approach. An acknowledgment of fault and an apology can work wonders to retain customers and show potential customers that your business operates in good faith.

…and finally, once again…


Don’t be Kanye

Don’t publicly plea for Mark Zuckerberg to fund your wacky projects.

By Jessica Grierson

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