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How Can Meditation Help to Improve Productivity?

Let’s face it, we live in a competitive world where everyone is seeking ways to gain an edge and further their careers. There are few job slots and only the most innovative, creative and productive of employees can retain their jobs. The pressure to perform and secure jobs has led to many employees working hard, multi-tasking and devoting any free time they have towards their jobs, albeit with devastating results. Stress has been a serious issue synonymous with employees that work long hours and this in itself has affected productivity. In light of this, the overriding question has been how a stressed employee can improve their productivity through meditation.

Where does meditation come in?

For many years, meditation has been lauded and holds historical value in most parts of the world as a gateway of cosmic energy. It is, in simple terms, a state of mind where you block out everything else and think about absolutely nothing. Meditation has, since the medieval ages, been held in high esteem and has historically been found to be quite effective in helping a person improve productivity. So effective is meditation as a way of improving productivity that science is now pushing companies to embrace meditation as a way of achieving efficiency at work as well as productivity.








What are the benefits?

If you are just encountering this subject for the first time, you are probably wondering how meditation can help improve productivity. For one, we can conclusively say that meditation helps an employee to improve their concentration and focus. Research done by neurologists has proved that it is virtually impossible for the human brain to multitask. In essence, multitasking is a way of reducing productivity. However, constant research means that you learn to shut out distractions and hence able to focus at one thing at a time which makes you more productive and efficient.

Secondly, meditation serves to increase or improve emotional intelligence as well as social interaction or connection. The reality of things is that your attitude has a direct impact on your performance at work. A negative attitude affects your productivity at work as well as ability to interact with your fellow employees. Meditation makes it possible for you to keep at bay negative attitudes, improve social connections and, if you are a leader, makes it possible for you to lead with compassion.

Brain as a lightbulb - Creative idea concept

Thirdly, meditation positively improves your creativity and, subsequently, your productivity at work. Through meditation, a person is able to clear their mind, think clearly and as a result be receptive to new ideas. It positively impacts your imagination making you more creative.

Last but not least, meditation helps you to reduce stress, which essentially improves your health. The more stress-free you are, the more positive your attitude is, the more socially connected you are, the more creative you are and, as a result, there is a positive impact on your health. In essence, all these benefits are somehow interconnected and wondrously help improve your productivity at work or in any aspect of your life. If you have been keeping meditation at bay, its time you embraced it and improved productivity and efficiency at work.

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