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Struggling to Strike a Work-Life Balance?

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Achieving work-life balance can seem out of reach to many of us. When we’re in the office, our thoughts can wander to our family at home, and when we’re at home, we check our emails and take work-related calls. It can be hard to get it right – and everyone’s ideas of balance will be different – but it’s important that we all pause to reassess our situation from time to time.

I’m using the up-coming public holiday as an opportunity to switch off and disconnect from my devices. While I won’t be doing any work, I’ll certainly be re-evaluating my priorities for the year, and working out how I can make some adjustments to achieve a fairer balance.

To help you do the same, I’ve shared with you my suggestions for how you can enjoy a successful career while still paying attention to your personal life. First thing’s first though – turn off your devices and remove yourself from all distractions.

  1. Now, write down what you want from your professional life. These should be tangible and measurable. Forecast how much you want to earn and set a time frame for yourself. Factor in investments and savings, too.
  2. Next, write down why you want to achieve these professional goals. Is it so you can support a family? Buy a home? Move overseas? These factors should be the driving force behind all of your professional activities. A large proportion of us seem to get this part mixed up. We place too much importance on earning a good salary, for example, that we don’t dedicate enough time to enjoying the company of our loved ones or looking after our own health and well-being.
  3.  This is where you write down how you’ll achieve your goals. Will you need to equip yourself with new skills? Will you attend courses or seminars? Read more books? Focusing on your personal improvement prepares you for tackling many of your professional goals. And when you’re capable of this, you can enjoy quality time with family and friends and focus on your own welfare.

It’s also important to recognise your achievements and success. Too often we think of success as a final destination, rather than brief moments that we experience at numerous points in our lives. I’ve found that stopping to celebrate all the wins along the way gives me some perspective, and allows me to turn my attention to other aspects of my life.

Over the long weekend, I encourage you to pause and reassess your priorities. To help you, I’ve put together a work-life balance worksheet, which you can download here.

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