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What’s Inspiring WME?: The Finance Team

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It’s been a couple of weeks since our last inspire post so best believe we’re coming in strong with this one. In today’s addition of ‘what’s inspiring WME?’ we shine the spotlight on our hardworking and equally bubbly, finance department. Amongst the various topics, we’ll talk travel, cats, wine and a horse named Mossbeat. So without further ado, let’s fire this one up!

Alex Li

“Travelling is what inspires me the most. Once you get the chance to explore different places, you will be able to discover different things from other points of view. Sometimes the journey will not be as what you expected, but after all, we can all learn a lesson and gain more experience to deal with different things smoothly. But the most awesome thing about travelling is you get to throw yourself into that particular country; to live, to breathe, to eat the original food, to make friends and to refresh the new you. Sail away from the safe harbor and catch the trade wind in your sails, It is fun.”

aleex li

Ana Wong

“I believe that we all need inspiration so that we can do the work that we love and believe in. This year, what inspired me the most is the aspect of being part of a community. I love the idea of people from different backgrounds and beliefs coming and working together for a united purpose.  I am inspired and want to be a part of something great as well because I believe that we can do more things together than apart…”


“When we find our clan, though, we discover a common bond from which we not only derive strength as individuals but also gather that strength to increase the cohesiveness of the community as a whole.”

Eureka Zhao

“I’m inspired by numbers, I love it when they all add up. I like to play Sudoku, what makes me feel satisfied when all the logic is sorted. This is also why I enjoy my job. And it’s satisfying to see a positive result at the end of each day.”


Louise Stephens 

“I’m inspired by the city that we live in and the sporting facilities that we get to experience and use.There are 365 days in a year. Whether it is autumn, winter, spring and summer. You may not know, but there is sport happening around the globe 24/7. Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world. Most people probably think of sports as the everyday sports, AFL Football, Cricket, A-League Soccer. Most people don’t know that there is more to sports than kicking or throwing a ball around…”


“Melbourne has the Spring Racing Carnival which is run over six weeks, including the Melbourne Cup. Don’t just assume that the Melbourne Cup is just that first Tuesday in November. There are races on every weekend in Melbourne.We have the Grand Prix, Australian Open, Australian Masters, Run for the Kids, Around the Bay in a Day cycling event, Boxing Day Test and the AFL Grand Final. Even if it is a rainy winter’s day, use the facilities and go to Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, or Medibank Ice House and go ice skating or play ice hockey. Remember there is always something to do!”

Allana Burns

“I am motivated by horse racing, and in particular, the Spring Carnival. That feeling of doing hours (and even weeks!) of form study and having it all payoff, the beautiful fashion and the roar of the crowd! There’s nothing else quite like it. Especially when my girl Mossbeat runs well!”


Kate Birrell

“I’m inspired by good wine, good cats and convincing my mother that this won’t be the reason I grow old alone.”



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