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Design your eCommerce website on Magento

Do you want a professional website design for your online store that’s easy to maintain once the site goes up? WME offers eCommerce website packages using the Magento platform. This makes it easy for business owners to take on the management of their website once it’s complete.

At WME, our web developers have ample experience designing eCommerce sites on the Magento platform and, with that experience comes the intel you need to make sure your online store maximises traffic and conversions.

What is Magento?
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Magento is a Content Management System (CMS) built to help business owners set up an eCommerce website. It is an open source platform, which means that anyone in the world can share or modify the code or contribute templates and extensions. This provide flexibility to the developer when it comes to both look and functionality.

Magento remains the most popular eCommerce platform in the world, largely due to the fact that it is so specifically designed to make administration easy for owners and operators of online stores. Inherently mobile responsive by design, Magento ensures you don’t miss out on valuable customers shopping on their smartphones or tablet devices.

How will Magento benefit you?

How will Magento benefit you?
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Open source platform

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Highly customisable

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Mobile responsive by default

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No hosting restrictions

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Multi-store capacity

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Fast and scalable


Who needs Magento?

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Magento is a platform built for eCommerce. In fact, as an open source platform, it is the most popular CMS for eCommerce globally. This ensures adaptability and agility and suits businesses large and small. No matter what you’re selling, Magento provides a way to streamline your online sales process and convert a higher volume of visitors into paying customers.

If you have no intention of selling your wares online, Magento is not the CMS for you. You should try WordPress!

One agency that does it all

In partnering with WME for your web development needs, you don’t just get to tap into the knowledge and expertise of our web design team. As a full-service digital agency, we can provide advice, insights and assistance in building a digital marketing strategy to get traffic to your new eCommerce site. From Google Ads and Social Media Advertising to organic SEO, no matter if your company is based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or beyond, we provide services to Australian businesses across all things digital.

To find out more or to take your first steps, contact our experts! The team at WME are excited to help your business build an online store with Magento.

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"In our first week we have exceeded
$8k in sales thanks to WME"

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Why WME?

Australia’s trusted content strategy company

No matter what your business type — B2B, B2C, service, e-commerce or brick and mortar store — WME can set you up with a winning digital e-marketing strategy. When it comes to top content, WME is hard to beat. With the largest onsite content team in Australia, we have the knowledge, expertise and talent all under the one roof.