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How to Make Your 10k E-Commerce Website Worth 100k

As a consumer, what gives you the confidence to dine in a restaurant you’ve just discovered? More than likely, a few different elements come to mind. Now apply that kind of thinking to your website.

In this article, we will look at how we can turn a simple e-commerce website into something captivating that will draw consumers in and have them coming back for more.

First impressions are key to attracting a customer

This goes without saying, and therefore, the landing page must be clear, concise and cut straight to the point of what you’re selling. A good retailer will give information on the products that consumers are looking for, but only enough for them to be interested in gathering more details. One way to do this is to advertise a promotion available, but keep the specifics of the promotions aside to thereby prompt the consumer’s curiosity. This will in turn lead to them exploring the website in more depth, and provide further opportunities to sell other products.


Clean website design is imperative

The second thing to look into is the design of the website. In conjunction to the first point, impressions are everything. Much like going into a real store, we must create an atmosphere where customers can feel comfortable shopping. Hence, the design should be professional, simple and user-friendly. Keeping things simple in terms of fonts and colours can help consumers easily navigate the website, which will increase page views. Customers don’t like the hassle of having to dig around for a product on a website, so simple categorisations will reduce their burden in searching for a particular product they’re interested in.

Make every customer feel like a VIP

This means that we don’t want to sell the customer ads and pop-ups, or to distract their attention with fancy animations. Instead, we want to create a warm and inviting feeling through the tone used in the website. Use words that emphasise a personal connection with the customer, like ‘you’ instead of ‘them’. If a user registers themselves on the site, address them by their registered first name. Something as simple as a welcome message when they log in will create an inviting atmosphere where they feel important.

Your website should be accessible for all customers

Last but not least, we need to cater to the consumer’s every need, regardless of which platform they choose to browse your site upon. Ensuring your site is compatible on mobile or tablet platforms can be an avenue for increasing your customer base. We want to make customers feel they can visit your website on a mobile without sacrificing any functionalities they would get on a PC. Keep the design familiar so customers  feel they can visit your website regardless of the platform and continue to navigate with ease.

By following the simple steps above and focusing on customer experience, you can enhance your website and craft a high-traffic online retail outlet. When you give your customers confidence to share their shopping experience with other people, you are already leading the market.

By Bei Xian Koh

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