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Tools That Make Split Testing Incredibly Easy

If you are a website and blog owner, I am sure you’ve experienced times when you’ve wanted to trial a new design or tweak a few site elements but weren’t sure how to effectively evaluate their impact on the public. If you find yourself at this crossroad, what you need is A/B testing.

A/B testing is an evaluation method commonly known as ‘split testing’ and involves testing two versions of the same page, title, content, or landing pages to establish what works better. The goal at this point may be higher traffic, more sales, lowering your bounce rate, or raising conversion rates. When a brand manager runs a split test, they get real and quantifiable data from clients so the decision is informed and correct.

Testing pages in this way could sound like a chore to many. However, with the right tools, you can begin split testing like a pro. The following are five split testing tools which can help make this task easier.

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Unbounce is a special tool that allows you to build, publish and test different versions of your landing pages without letting HTML know about it. It is carefully designed to provide a friendly and easy-to-use interface that makes tweaking every aspect of your content or page easy and fast. By utilising their draw-and-drop tools, it is easy to drag pages, videos, images, texts, maps and even reorganise them.

Unlike other tools, Unbounce integrates with other top providers like Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Awber, which make gauging responses seamless and fun. More people prefer to use Unbounce because it makes it easy to assign roles to various teams, get feedback, capture leads, and embed videos. It has everything that you require to make your pages and online campaign successful.

VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

VWO has emerged as one of the most applied tools for split testing images, headlines, buttons, and content. With VWO, it is easy to track revenue, clicks, signups, as well as conversions to source real statistics. The tool allows you to build campaigns within a few minutes using the visual builder, with very few mistakes and capability to load your pages even when behind login barriers. Every campaign allows you to generate reports that demonstrate their performance and special inbuilt heat-map tools to track visitor’s clicking behaviour. One outstanding characteristic of VWO is that it is mobile-optimised so that all clients, whether on mobile phones, tablets or laptops, can access the page for a better analytical report.

Google Analytic Experiments  

Google Analytic Experiments is an advanced tool that allows users to test up to 10 different page versions and deliver clients variant URL addresses. The pages can be compared by applying random samples to different users. It is prudent to establish the objective that you wish to achieve through testing and set the tool to provide you with mail updates. In addition to this, you can also apply Content Experiment API to implement various recommendations or even search algorithms. Note that with Google Analytics Experiments, there are no redirects because API only allows evaluating changes without including redirects. This service is charged $150 on an annual basis.



Optimizely is a very cost-effective and useful split testing tool. The tool is cheap at only $19 and allows you to test everything from pages, content and headers to full websites. Many clients have indicated the effectiveness of using Optimizely when testing the entire websites. Because hiring developers to work on various aspects of the same website may be uneconomical, you only get the same web page and change various aspects using Optimizely tools as well as allocate various URLs to split test it.

Convert Experiments

Convert Experiments provides variant multi-domain A/B split testing and timely tracking. It enables you to edit the content of your pages, content, or landing pages and test them concurrently. Using a single snippet of Java code for prompt integration, you can edit on-the-fly and test e-commerce infrastructure and category pages among others. The experiments also incorporate Google Analytics so that all the clicks, traffic, conversions, auto-bounce, behaviour and data related to various pages or content is reported in real-time. The cost of this service varies from $9 per month to $1499 per month.


Gone are the days when marketers, entrepreneurs and brand managers used to post pages and think they will automatically get results. Even if you have very lovely pages, it is deceptive to simply think they are the best.

Take the time to look for tools that make split testing incredibly easy, and test various formats of your page, content, header, website, or other aspects to ascertain what is better for your online marketing campaigns. This way, you can select the pages that guarantee you higher traffic, conversions, and the strengthening of your brand.

By Chris Zerafa

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