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What’s Inspiring WME? : The Content Team

As most of you would know by now, WME has started a new initiative to give people within the company and externally a glimpse at what inspires the different departments that make up the WME family. The idea stems from the sentiment that by sharing something that inspires you at work or in everyday life, you may in turn inspire someone else. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about the people you work with that you may not see every day, and a great opportunity for clients and readers to get a peek at the personalities behind the computer screens whom they may have otherwise never met.

In this post, we’ll explore what is inspiring WME’s content team from Winnie the Pooh to Parkway Drive. We’ll then pass the Inspire baton on to another department who will share what’s inspiring them in a post next Monday. So, from the content team to you, we hope you enjoy.

Matthew Wilson (Willo), Copywriter

Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger (his autobiography, not to be confused with his movie of the same name)


“Everyone knows Arnie has been a movie star, a bodybuilder and a politician, but he was doing a lot with his life before all that, which was what inspired me. As the old saying goes, it’s about the journey, not the destination. One thing I discovered when reading his book is that he became a millionaire before his fame. During his free time between training sessions at the gym, he studied a business course. He believes that no matter what career you choose, you need to have some form of business training to get anywhere in life.

With his success in bodybuilding, he wrote a series of booklets about fitness that sold very well, as well as a bestselling book about bodybuilding. Bodybuilding was not popular back then, so he reached into an untapped market. He brought a small office space and hired a team of only three people working for him to get these booklets distributed. He also got into the real estate game by buying rundown properties in desolate areas that eventually were gentrified and renovating them himself.

With all that going for him, he was a millionaire by the time he was 30. Arnie is a classic example of the underdog story who was determined to make a better life for himself.”

Matt Duigan, Copywriter

The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich (the novel that Inspired the Social Network)


“Like most people, I used Facebook every day without fully understanding the complicated and controversial story behind how it was first conceived. This book inspired me because it was so simple. Mark Zuckerberg had an idea, and against unbelievable odds, he dedicated his all to turning this idea into something monumental. The reason his idea was so successful wasn’t because it was necessarily something new, but it was a new way of looking at an existing idea – a unique take on something that had already been done. This example of creative innovation and pushing the boundaries of the norm, whilst always remaining dedicated to a dream, is a valuable lesson to us all…”

“Plus Facebook stalking is so good for looking at your ex-partner’s new, funny-looking boyfriend/girlfriend!!”

Chris Reid, Copywriter

Parkway Drive – Killing With a Smile

“The band that gets me itching to lift heavy things repeatedly is most definitely Parkway Drive. Their discography of metalcore tracks create a chemical reaction within, which rivals that of Mentos in Diet Coke. It is the perfect substitute for an unnatural, supplement-dense pre-workout concoction. Hailing from Byron Bay, these home-grown heroes know precisely how to string together a plethora of breakdowns and solos that would motivate a stone to shed its mould. Their songs give me the motivation to go heavier and harder than each workout before, especially their first full-length, Killing with a Smile.”

*The content team can confirm that Chris’s gym days are behind him but that he remembers the time fondly.

Jackie Tennant, Copywriter/Editor

“If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” ― Margaret Atwood


“As a writer I am often inspired by quotes and tips from well-known authors. While the quote is about writing, I believe its message can extend so much further—especially in the business world. We are so consumed with the idea that anything we create has to be perfect that we inhibit ourselves from putting anything out there. What we often fail to understand is that creating something perfect isn’t automatic, it’s something that blossoms over time. We need to jot down the ugly, messy, nitty-gritty stuff before we get out the polish and turn it into that beautiful piece that reaches its audience.”

Sally Coen, Copywriter

“There is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ― Christopher Robin to Winnie The Pooh

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“It is somewhat ironic that the words spoken to a bear with ‘very little brain’ would provide me with the inspiration to strive for self-actualisation. But to me, this quote speaks of human potential and the ability to achieve beyond your expectations. As a child and as an adult, it has given me the courage to be brave and take risks. To find strength when I feel weak and to be confident in my own abilities as an individual.”

 Cassie McBlane, Content Manager

How to Win Friends and Influence People


“Knowing where you stand in the line to success means understanding how lead both yourself and your team into it. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie has recently been redefining the way I choose to be a leader, allowing me to better approach my daily work life. It’s a must read for every one – not just the bookworms.”

Kate O’Hanlon, Copywriter

Grapefruit by Yoko Ono


“As a writer/artist/human, I take inspiration from Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit, which is a conceptual art book she wrote in 1964. The book contains a series of short ‘instructional pieces’ or ‘event scores’ of a few lines which instructs the reader to undertake activities either conceptually or literally. For example…”

Snow Piece

‘Think that snow is falling. Think that snow is falling
everywhere all the time. When you talk with a person, think
that snow is falling between you and on the person.
Stop conversing when you think the person is covered by snow.’

“I find these conceptual exercises thought provoking in a creative sense and they help me to think in a less conventional, more lateral manner. I also have a great deal of respect for Ono as an artist in her own right, she’s an incredibly interesting and inspirational figure.”

Nicole Wilson (Nikki), Internal Copywriter

Haim, Sylvia Plath & Not that Type of Girl by Lena Duham

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“There are two songs by Haim that are my go-to for Monday mornings/deadlines/days that just completely suck. The first one is ‘Don’t Save Me’ and the second one is ‘Falling’. The lyrics of ‘Falling’ help me gear up for a new day and take on whatever stands in my way…”

‘Don’t stop, no, I’ll never give up

And I’ll never look back, just hold your head up

And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough’

“And well, ‘Don’t Save Me’ is just one hell of a tune…”

“Additionally, Sylvia Plath’s work despite her tragic end inspires me a great deal in my own personal writing. Plath has been credited with advancing the genre of confessional poetry/writing. A modern-day work that inspires me would be Lena Duham’s Not that Type of Girl. I plan to have a book of essays published sometime in the later half of my 20s, so both these woman’s strength to be completely honest with their writing and their readers, motivates me to do the same.”


By Nicole Wilson

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