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5 Ways to Cure your Hump Day Slump

A sure way of beating your hump day blues is keeping everyone’s favourite work-safe vice on hand; snacks. I know, I know but what about the infamous ‘work-weight’ I’ve been warned about? ‘Work-weight’ I’m told is much like relationship weight. When you get comfortable in your job you begin to graze away as you work tirelessly to make deadlines, answer phone calls and respond to emails, and then one day before you know it you’re two packets of Burger Rings deep and twitching for some chocolate. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. A healthy snack like a muesli bar or a rice cake (not to be confused with an actual cake) could be just the pick me up you needed, and a healthier alternative to Burger Rings and sweets. Big shout-out to salad bar franchise Famish’d for providing WME with the goods day-in-day-out and keeping our staff looking as fit as they are talented, you guys rule.


…We won’t hold it against you for indulging in the occasional midweek packet of Allens Lollies, though, we’re human too.

Listening to music at work, whether through earphones or aloud, can get you raring to go, calm your stress levels or just perk up the office atmosphere. Personally, we’re big fans of RnB  Fridays and rotating DJ responsibilities around the office so that everyone gets an opportunity to express their unique musical tastes. We’ve found it really boosts morale and that our overall productivity has improved.


Don’t be afraid to take five, we know it is mighty tempting to skip your coffee or lunch break when work piles up and panic sets in, but not allowing yourself time away from your desk during the day is actually detrimental to productivity. I am a serial offender so I understand that it can be hard to kick the habit, but trust me when I say that after you have had a quick brain-break you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on your next task.


Okay, we get that this suggestion will probably make some of you cringe but hear us out. By Wednesday, getting out of bed is well and truly struggle street, and the task of getting ready is moving away from feeling like a chore and edging dangerously close to feeling like slave labour; what gives? Well, we’ve theorised that the earlier you get up, the more time you have to get ready (duh), and, therefore, the less you’ll have to rush and stress as a result.  This way you can ease into your morning completely stress-free. Getting up earlier allows you time for a proper breakfast, a second coffee if you need it and your standard pre-work mental preparation – cartoons do it for me. But seriously, get up earlier, people! You’ll thank (us) yourself for it later.


Finally, you may of heard of these things called endorphins. Those happy good time feelings you get from doing something you enjoy? Yeah those. Well, exercising is a sure way of achieving them quickly. Whether you’re a morning person who gets up early enough for a pre-work gym session or you’re one to indulge in a post-work boxing class, allocating some time to work on your physical health is good for your mental wellbeing. Go figure. Here at WME, we encourage our staff to participate in physical activity so they can be at the top of their game, both physically and mentally.


So, what are you waiting for? Give your hump day blues the boot just in time to show Thursday and Friday who’s boss, and it’ll be the weekend before you know it.


By Nicole Wilson

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