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Taking Advantage of Olympics Hype in the Office

I find that it’s typically around this time of year that a kind of slump tends to blanket over the office – we’ve made it just past the halfway mark, the chaos of the financial year has come to an end, and the winter chill leaves us lethargic and aching for some much needed vitamin D. In order to stay on top of business, it’s important to keep your staff stimulated by finding different ways to inject an ongoing sense of energy in the workplace. With Olympics fever having well and truly hit the globe over the weekend, why not take inspiration from the Games to let your employees loosen those proverbial ties and embrace a refreshing sense of fun?

Encourage teamwork and collaboration with your own version of the Games

At the heart of the Olympics lies teamwork, which is also an essential element of business. In the lead-up to the 2016 Games, my company hosted its own ‘Google Olympics’ in the office. Elected representatives from each department competed against one another in rounds of mini golf, basketball and table tennis on Friday afternoons, making it a great way to celebrate the end of the working week while boosting team morale and reminding staff to have fun. With weekly emails sent around the office announcing events and winning team members, the games created a buzz that instantly lifted the mood and increased the positivity in my workers.


Of course, if you don’t have the appropriate equipment in your office, I highly encourage you to explore your creative licence: I’ve heard of companies in the past utilising their office stationery to invent different games in their own unique versions of ‘Office Olympics’.

Implement friendly competition in the office

A healthy sense of competition is an ideal way to encourage better performance from your employees. For instance, each of the departments at WME has a weekly KPI – in other words, a goal to strive towards, just like that imperial gold medal. One way to capitalise on the Olympics is to implement friendly competition where departmental KPIs are collated at the end of the week. Points for the highest numbers are awarded to the respective teams, with a prize to be presented at the end of ‘the Games’. Strategies such as this prompt your staff to acknowledge the importance of their work and what they contribute both individually and collaboratively to the company.

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Drive motivation in a fun, dynamic and topical way

I strongly encourage all companies to strive towards harnessing a nurturing work environment by providing a healthy element of fun in the office. Simply put, there’s no way you can draw great work from tired workers, so it’s important to find innovative ways for your employees to strike a healthy balance between completing their work and having fun. By finding inspiration in current events, such as the Olympics, company directors can help build a strong sense of camaraderie at work; provide practical tools to battle feelings of stress, boredom and monotony; and reignite that spark in the office’s atmosphere. As a result, you should see an overall improvement in team functioning and individual work performances.

By Nick Bell

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