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Land on Australians’ page 1 with SEO

Google is the biggest search engine on the planet, and the data tells a compelling story:

  • Businesses on the first page of search results reap 70% of Google’s internet traffic
  • 30% of total traffic is taken by the business ranking at number one
  • Organic search results earned through SEO are 8.5 times more likely to be viewed than paid ads

An SEO campaign led by industry experts will help your company to be seen as the best and get on the first page of Google, so that you can be heard above the noise. You can’t afford not to be there – especially when your competition already is.

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Effective SEO requires industry experts who have the knowledge and experience to adapt your SEO campaign to keep up with the latest Google algorithm updates.
We continually invest into research and development to ensure we stay at the cutting-edge of digital marketing services, giving our company consultants the tools and data to consistently achieve results for your business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I outsource my SEO rather than attempting it myself?

WME has existed in the SEO sector for over eight years. With a team of advanced tech specialists driving our campaigns, we know how to achieve solid, sustainable results for our clients. Completing SEO in house without the necessary expertise can be a tedious game of trial and error which can often do more damage to your site than good.

Do Google Maps results count toward my SEO rankings?

Yes. An optimised Google Maps listing is a very important part of an SEO campaign. As maps listings are a part of the organic results listed on page one, they are a very effective way of pulling people through to your site and building page one rankings. As part of your SEO campaign, we optimise both organic search results and your Google Maps results to bring you the most traffic possible.

Should I invest in SEO or PPC?

It depends on your business. Many clients choose to support a growing SEO campaign with a small PPC spend, allowing them to buy traffic while their organic rankings grow. The choice to invest in SEO or PPC also depends on your industry, business model, and level of competition. Generally search engine optimization is a long term, lower cost strategy, while PPC is a more immediate, higher cost strategy.

How long does it take to get indexed by Google?

In the past, businesses had to submit their site to search engines or wait until Google organically found them. Now, we have many ways to ensure Google notices you more quickly. If you haven’t been indexed at all, WME can help.

I’ve tried SEO before and it wasn’t effective. What does WME offer that is different?

If you have previously paid an inexperienced provider for an ineffective SEO service, it’s understandable that you have a tarnished appreciation of how effective SEO can be. Most SEO companies are doing their best to understand the hundreds, maybe thousands of signals search engines use to rank sites. WME employs a team of experienced tech strategists who are constantly researching imminent algorithm updates and updating our services to fit best practice. With over 300 employees globally who are dedicated to helping clients establish online success, we have the resources and experience to deliver on agreed results.

How do the search engines rank my site?

Search engines use equations called algorithms to determine which sites are most relevant to the search. The algorithm takes into account several complex factors when establishing positions. Two primary factors are the quality of other websites that are linking back to your website and the topic the search engine believes the page is about, based on the content.

How long does Search Engine Optimization take?

The time it takes to establish rankings is dependent on a few factors:

  1. How competitive the industry or keywords are
  2. Whether the site has been penalised previously
  3. Whether there has been any prior optimization performed