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Advertising on Instagram: The 411

It’s finally here! Businesses big and small now have the ability to advertise on the giant image-based platform known as Instagram.  Previously, only big-name brands such as McDonalds and Michael Kors were seen advertising on Instagram but as of the 30th of September, the social media channel has opened its doors for all types of businesses to run their own marketing campaigns.

This is great news for SMEs who are trying to get their brand out there. With over 400 million active community members, Instagram has proven to increase ad recall and raise brand awareness radically. An online Australian fashion retailer known as “The Iconic” launched an integrated campaign combining both Instagram and Facebook mobile-tailored ads to promote their autumn/winter collections. The results speak for themselves – a huge 23% increase in conversions and 13% uplift in ad recall!

So how do you go about Instagram advertising, you ask? If you’ve already set up a Facebook advert account you can link your Instagram account and create a campaign through Facebook Power Editor. Once this has been set up, you’re now able to set objectives, such as website clicks, video views, likes or app installs. Furthermore, you can customise your audiences, you’re able to create a highly targeted campaign with the ability to segment demographics such as gender, age and location.



So now you’re thinking what exactly am I supposed to post? You have to remember that although Instagram campaigns can be set up through Facebook, both platforms are completely different. Facebook is a way to stay connected with your friends, family and keep up with the latest news. Instagram however, is more of a creative outlet, it’s used to discover things and be inspired.

Here are a few insta-tips to keep your ads on the right track:
1) Visuals, visuals, visuals. It’s all about the visuals. Try to keep your image fun and engaging.

2) Interact. Interact and engage with those who comment on your posts, tag you in photos or hashtag your brand. Communication is the key.

3) Think about the tone of your ads. Post ads which are a representation of your brand – know how you’re coming across. Try not to be perceived as an “aggressive seller”, as users have the ability to hide your posts. This limits your opportunities and potential reach. You can also split-test an image with alternative ad copy to measure which method is right for you.

4) And finally, remember that Instagram is solely “follower-based”, so they’re only expecting posts from those that they follow. Now that insta-advertising has been introduced, ads will be popping up on people’s feeds automatically. So inevitably, some may get annoyed and can leave negative feedback on your posts. That is just a reality that you’ll just have to swallow, as people become accustomed to the change (hey, remember when people were annoyed when Facebook first introduced ad? Yeah, you may have already forgotten about that).

There you have it, the 411 on advertising with Instagram. Why wouldn’t you utilise this brilliant platform to stay one step ahead of the pack? Jump onto the insta-bandwagon and market your brand today.

By Vivian Nguyen

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