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Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Look Back on 2015

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As the year nears its close, Facebook has launched a website that spotlights the most talked about topics on the franchise’s platforms this year. The website includes a touching video that showcases the best and worst moments of ’15 and a list that details the most influential posts linked to each of those topics. The list includes; the recent terror attacks in Paris, the U.S presidential race, the refugee crisis, the Nepal earthquake, the Greek debt crisis, marriage equality, the Charlie Hebdo attack, Baltimore protests and more.

Facebook says no – not this year Kimmy .K.

The website also features a list of the most popular topics under the categories; us, movies, athletes, entertainers, politicians, TV shows and more, for those who want to skip to the topics their most interested in. The website’s feature video concludes with the short ‘n sharp, but powerful sentiment – ‘Let’s stand together in 2016’.

To everyone’s surprise the Kardashian’s presence was scarce, perhaps because of the newly constructed app that cleanses one’s feed of any news related to the infamous reality family.

Visit the site here.

Music and TV dominate YouTube views for another year

In a similar move YouTube released a compilation clips inspired by the most watched videos of 2015. Music, TV, dance, car ride sing-a-longs, lip-sync battles, and celebrities reading mean tweets all making the cut. With TV and music dominating for yet another year. The videos were selected based on views, likes, shares and comments. The list of videos accumulating views that amounted to 25 million hours in total. Whoa. Here’s two our all-time-favourites for your enjoyment:

President Obama reading mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Lip syncing (Will Ferrell singing Drunk in Love by Beyoncé specifically…)

And view the compilation in entirety here.

Social issues topping Twitter’s list of most used hashtags

Twitter joined in on the fun revealing the most used hashtags for 2015 included; #JsuisParis, #BlackLivesMatter, #RefugeesWelcome, #PlutoFlyBy, #Election2015, #FifaWWC, #CaitlynJenner, #IStandWithAhmed, and #LoveWins. The lists produced by all 3 franchises, collectively, proving social media provides a powerful platform for social justice and social awareness, with social issues accumulating the most hashtags, posts, shares, likes and mentions above all other topics.

In other news…

We recently found out that this year you can finally deliver on that, usually, empty promise of gifting a misbehaving loved one coal, the added anonymity making it all that much funnier. This marks yet another addition of the ever-growing list of things you can anonymously send via the wonderful world of the internet. Joining the ranks of amongst mayonnaise, glitter and well, you can find out for yourself here.

Curious about what got WME’s readers excited in ’15? Read our most popular blog post for the year here.

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