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How to Rapidly Grow Your Email List Using Social Media

The email list is one of the most crucial things for any business because it helps to drive conversions three times more than social media. The conversions value is also 17% higher, which means raised sales, profitability and ROI. Social media is mainly used by businesses to engage followers, craft content and build communities. However, have you ever taken the time to ask yourself the worth of a follower count?

The great thing about social media is that you do not only have to use it to build the business brand and look for fans, but it can also be a crucial building block for your business mailing list.

Every social media channel can be used in the following ways to grow the mailing list for your business:


Harvest email addresses on Twitter

For businesses that are active on Twitter, it is easy to collect email addresses and make followers sign up effortlessly on Lead Generation Cards. To set this up, make sure you sign up for Twitter Ads and also add a credit card file. The credit card is not charged and will only be used if you want to run paid promotions.

On the lead gen card, select ‘Creatives’ and hit ‘Cards’ on the drop-down menu. Then, hit ‘Create Lead Generation Card’ and choose ‘Lead Generation’. At this point, create a Lead Gen Card by sourcing an eye catching image and description for people to notice it. While many people will love hitting the ‘Follow’ button, it is important to give them reason enough to sign up on your mailing list. Make sure to demonstrate, using short, conclusive and convincing benefits of joining the mailing list.

With Twitter, you can even use a lead magnet to provide to those who have signed up on Twitter. Select where to host the freebie because it requires a URL (many prefer the WordPress library). Then, navigate to ‘Card Editing’ and change the ‘Destination’ settings to paste the URL and add a post-submit message. Tweet the card and pin it on your profile so that all visitors see it first when they come to the page.


Call visitors to action on Facebook

Calling people to action makes them take the next step of following, signing up, and even buying from your store. You can do this is in two ways:

  • Include a ‘Sign Up’ button: For people who use Facebook a lot, it is important to provide them with an option of joining your mailing list at the page. To do this, check for the ‘Create Call To Action’ (CTA) button and select ‘Sign Up’ on the drop down menu. Then, include a link to your page. The new CTA will redirect all visitors to your site. Once on the page, ensure that the sign-up form is at the centre, or you can utilise a landing page for sign-up purposes.

For those who want the sign up process to take place right on the Facebook page, it is important to engage the services of an ESP (email service provider) such as MailChimp. The email sign-up will then pop up whenever a visitor hits your page.

  • Include a header image description. Every image you add on Facebook allows the user to include descriptions and header image. This is a great opportunity that you can utilise to increase the number of sign-ups. Make sure to include a link to the sign-up form or landing page for your website.


Invite visitors to subscribe to your posts on Instagram

Though Instagram does not have a lot in list-building, you can still use the platform creatively to drive a huge following. The first thing to do is to get a link to your page or website profile. Additionally, include an image to help promote the lead magnet. Some people even ask followers to include their email addresses in the comments so that they can be added to the mailing list.


Make Periscope an email harvesting funnel

As one of the fastest upcoming social media channels, it is important to think about how to use Periscope for your marketing. As a platform for getting deeper engagements, you can grow the mailing list in the following four ways:

  • Create and use highly valuable content
  • Ask all viewers to share their views with their followers
  • Tell followers about freebies related to your views
  • Invite all audiences to receive the freebie by ensuring that it is easy to download. If the info is valuable and the forms are easy to get, signing up will be almost instant for the audience.


Request followers to provide email address on Snapchat

Like Periscope, Snapchat is also growing very fast. More people are finding it addictive because it is personal and therefore, has an authentic touch. Visitors easily follow, connect and comment on posts. Therefore, you only need to create engaging content and make it personal to attract a lot of following. Then, make the followers comment on the freebie and ask them to sign up using their emails first. To get more people to sign up, consider creating a welcome email for followers who have subscribed using their emails.


Grow traffic to the opt-in freebie using Pinterest

One of the most amazing social media platforms for driving traffic is Pinterest. To grow the mailing list, be consistent in sharing blog posts, especially those that have upgraded content. For every post you intend to share, include a vertical image detailing what the post is about, and mention the freebie. This will drive a lot of traffic to your page. If the content is great to every follower, it will easily convert to subscriptions. To get even more subscriptions, make sure to join group boards and post great content consistently so that every pin gets exposure to a larger audience. Once you have become fully conversant with Pinterest, move a step ahead and use BoardBooster; a tool which assists to schedule all the pins and refine various boards.


Host a webinar and share the event on social media

When you hold a webinar, one of the rules is that attendants are required to subscribe using their email addresses. The fundamental to applying this on social media is to get a very large audience. Because webinars are audience-specific, it is very important that you take a professional approach so that more people will be yearning to attend and learn more. In fact, the emails you harvest here are potential leads you can utilise to grow your brand within a very short time.


By Shounak Gupte

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